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Main lafzon mai kuch bhi izhar nahi karta
Matlab yeh nahee ke tujhe pyar nahi karta

Chahta hoon main tujhe aaj bhi par
Teri soch mei apna waqt bekar nahi karta

Tamasha naa ban jaaye kahi mohabbat meri
Isi liye apne dard ko namoodaar nahi karta

Jo kuch mila hai usi mei khush hoon main
Tere liye khuda se taqraar nahi karta

Par kuch tou baat hai teri fitrat mein zalim
Warna mein tujhe chahne ki khataa bar bar nahi karta

luck is with me these days


Hi ๐Ÿ™‚

well, earlier this week I won Reboot! yay: more info on @jehan_ara ‘s blog: http://jehanara.wordpress.com/2009/09/14/here-come-the-winners-of-the-reboot-competition/

I am wondering if I have to contact Imran Zia the distributor or I can get it when we go to meet the author (Jawwad Ahmed Farid)

and then two days ago I asked my boss if instead of being online for work from 7:00 PM to 10:00 AM we could reduce work hours to 8-10 hours per day and he agreed!! now I work from 11:00 PM to 10:00 AM

not bad, right?



Dear Diary – 4th Sep, 2009

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Umm hi again,

I am very tired right now (it’s 11:23 PM) I have not been very fortunate with sleep this week But that’s normal Normal for me at least, and maybe normal for Karachian’s as well (hint: KESC) Khair

Talking about KESC, check this out: “Gharelo kachre se gas banana mumkin” (it’s possible to generate electricity from household trash?)

Articles speaks about how a Pakistan engineer has succesfully managed to use a Gas generator to to produce electricity while feeding the generator with a home-made mini Bio gas plant installed on his roof (pretty cool)

Currently, EVERY browser has an issue, Chrome has some site loading issues, Firefox is shit slow, IE 8 new tab take forever WTF?!

above was tweeted by @imhassan :d I think chrome is fine, I don’t see many page-rendering/site-loading issues Firefox is slow – that’s correct, and as some people say “it’s because of the plugins” that’s not true, even the fresh installation of Firefox can be slow It sucks to say that, but it really sucks (yes it really does) The only reason I still use it when required is because of plugins like Firebug & Web-developer

RT @dharmesh 7 Things Your Startup SHOULD Copy From 37signalsย http://bitly.com/3cmVA

@hameedullah forwarded this tweet, I find it interesting because I use “campfire” – a web-based group chat system which is ย a product by “37 Signals” & my boss while talking about a new project always talks about how simple the chat-system is and how simple 37 signals keep their products, and I agree to it I read somewhere that you don’t have to bloat your product with all kinds of featues just remember the KISS mantra (Keep it simple, stupid)

RT @mashable Bitly Launches Jmp to Save You Two Characters http://bitl.y/17tMSQ

@razzman forwarded this tweet by @mashable (yes I don’t follow mashable myself), I have not checked Jmp and I don’t remember if bitly.com has the link preview features that original tiny-url service (tinyurlcom?) had

I think instead of just blindly following what the link’s accompanying text suggests,ย it’s necessary to know where the link acually leads to Sure you can trust most of those who are in your “followers” or “following” list But what if they have forwarded a link they haven’t checked themselves yet? *yes it’s very common, retweet first, check later* Khair

@imhassan also tweeted (either he tweets too much or his and mine interests are similar hmm)

Video of 747 Supertanker Pilots Risking Life to Fight California’s Mad Fires [Airplanes] http://bitly.com/gTEiJ

Video is awesome obviously, but the comments are like cherry on top:

WrecklessRich: Can you imagine the chicks you could get, “I fly a 747 SuperSoaker, maybe you’ve seen my work on TV
GitEmSteveDave_Galactica1980: Or how you could turn a feminist rally into the worlds largest wet t-shirt contest?!?!

WrecklessRich: Can you imagine the chicks you could get, “I fly a 747 SuperSoaker, maybe you’ve seen my work on TV
GitEmSteveDave_Galactica1980: Or how you could turn a feminist rally into the worlds largest wet t-shirt contest?!?!

@Waisybabu wrote:

Facebook Fan Pages are an amazing way to interact with your readers considering you treat them well ๐Ÿ˜€

This reminds me when I used to work with DaCoolSite, it was a small site and we didn’t have much interaction but it was fun reading 2-3 comments that we used to get

I think I’ll leave now, it’s 12:06, I have to help in a friends project after I wakeup *hmm*

Should really think about keeping weekends for myself

okay last tweet for today by @RumaisaMohani

Special #FollowFriday for this cyber kid @babariqbal the youngest MCTS,MCP,CIWA,CWNA http://bitly.com/9kt5y #Pakistan Zindabad

What I could quickly say after reading that was “mashaAllah” and then feel really really proud for him, way to go dude

oh and Happy Birthday Talha! (@talhaizhar)

am off now ๐Ÿ™‚ Allah Hafiz,


Dear Diary – 3rd Sep, 2009

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Well, right now my mom and sis are giving me “pittay” that I’ll have 12 ย kids Khair

I tweeted after three days feels weird, it’s like riding a bike after 10 years (yes, I rode a bike recently after around 10 years or more)

Obviously this is a yet again random post of what I feel like saying and what I find/found interesting today

I have missed quite a few CIO Webstudio videos, haven’t even watched the episode of ITLow with Badar Khushnood and Episodes of PakCrunch These lads are doing a pretty solid show will watch all these videos on weekend

Talking about PakCrunch, I think @hamaddar is doing a very good job at KoolMuzonecom and TechBlogpk (don’t ask me why I remembered @hamaddar while talking about PakCrunch)

I heared Michael Jackson is finally going to be burried 70 days after his sudden death Bechara

Read this really interesting quote forwarded by @talhaz:

@livetorque:ย ย “If you #think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito” โ€” Dalai Lama XIV

Just followed @uzee he is a nice guy, I wonder why I didn’t follow him during 14th August Hmph

Read a tweet forwarded by @ali360 saying:

WOW! RT @sheikhali: Pakistan’s first exclusive satellite PAKSAT-1R to be launched on 14th August 2011 – http://bitly.com/1ipjyn #Pakistan

@VoraciousWorm tweeted:

Have been studying about Hinduism for hours Have I lost my mind:S?

I think studying different religions is fine, it helps in understanding your own religion more (don’t ask me to explain this)

check this tweet posted by @blessedAyesha (my sister):

http://twitpic.com/gbtg1 – Sharmeela bhanja aka ibrahim :p

Good question by @imhassan:

I’d hold a Windows 7 Launch Party if Microsoft had put Pakistan in the list of countries Why not @microsoft why not!!

AuthorizeNet has started a new developer’s community forum, just got an invite Registered and found myself with a label saying “Founder” Apparently for a limited time all new users of beta invitations will be given this icon Weird but interesting :p

I am not sure if you guys receive emails from “criticmagazine” blog But I do, and I never subscribed to them I hate these forced subscriptions ;(

I think FailBlog, eMail’s from Crazy People, and Comixed are real cool for passing time

Have you read about President Obama giving Aftaar party at White House? no? well click here Never expected that ๐Ÿ˜€

Hah check this: http://wwwcomixedcom/2009/08/21/comics-comic-strip-yonkoma-good-at-his-job (that’s 4chan’s moot btw)

On a serious note: http://teeth.com.pk/blog/2009/09/04/discussion-eye-witness-saad-khan-unilever ๐Ÿ™

oh well time to sleep, Nighty Night Folks


Dear Diary – 2nd Sep, 2009

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I realized I have not posted anything from a long time not even a random quickie not that anyone reads it but it’s fun to write It feel’s good when I express myself

When I clicked “New Post” I had no idea what I am going to write about, I have no clue right now as well So I guess I’ll tell you about my routine these days, yeah? You like that eh? You have a curious stalker somewhere inside you

Oh well

It’s a very busy life I wake up at a fixed time, I work for 14-16 hours (yes don’t give me lecture, I know it’s a lot), and then I sleep at the fixed time for fixed amount of hours mundane boring I wish life had the option of saving and running macros or something like a Super remote control (like in the movie Click) That’s all about my routine I would ask you ‘what’s up with you’ but I don’t want to stop writing/typing right now so I will continue, you can tell me your routine later in the comments

I don’t know if you have read about SeeNReport (pvt) Ltd getting series A VC funding, I think it’s really cool, and I congratulate them and wish them best of luck You can read more about it here

I think @byteconnector‘s poetry is cool, and I think technotwoet.com will rock

(yes, I am just randomly writing things I find/found rather interesting)

One thing that’s constantly bugging me right now is the light yellow/cream colored line on this page which is tempting me to upgrade and try out wp 284 ;p

@Shubhankar wrote:
#Pakistan truly a basket case – Article about the Rock scene there has #Afghanistan in its URL http://3ly/b2y Pakistan #fail as always

When guardian makes a mistake and adds “afghanistan” in a url of a story related to Pakistan, it’s somehow Pakistan’s fail ๐Ÿ˜† IMO it’s a fail fail *as always* ๐Ÿ˜†

Did I tell you I have changed my default browser? I now use Firefox just when I want to use Firebug Except for that I am always on Google Chrome It’s fast (Yes, I know you have heard it before ;d)

Just activated a new theme I don’t change themes very often But this one looks pretty cool ;d

These days when I am not working (rarely, before or after work-hours or on weekends) I try to get some time for games and browsing-around randomly Have started playing NFS Undercover Pretty neat But a bit weird in the sense that it allows you to roam freely, but blocks the short-cuts when you are actually in a race I love the cars they have offered though, From Pagani Zonda to Volkswagon :d

While chatting with Saad’s Junni-Darling on msn we talked about one very old game ‘Cadillacs & Dinosaurs‘ that we used to play at “five-star-game-ki-dukaan” (5 Star Game Shop, desi gaming arena :P) We have wasted so many tokens on that game I found it at torrents and played it myself, now Hammad and Ibrahim play that (they have finished it as well) Looking for more classics like that one, I found ‘Golden Axe‘ Triology We used to play that for hours I don’t like it anymore though

I also tried “Worms Armageddon” pretty cool game Trying to find “lemmings” now and will also try “Pro Evolution Soccer ’09”

One interesting fact about this post is that I started it at around Sehri (Sunrise), and right now am having kachori and mithai in Aftaar (Sunset) heh

Just updated an old post: “Blood Camp, YPP, or main

While I was writing this post Gmail went down and came up again as well I didn’t even notice the downtime I find it quite interesting that it was such a widespread issue that almost all of the slots in Google trends were taken by queries related to Google downtime Never saw something like that (Read it on mashable btw, that’s not my original finding)

These days I don’t feel like using twitter or facebook I am even thinking (once again) about dropping off the social scene by comitting a social suicide Let’s see if I really do do that

Oh well, let’s finish this post I will write again tomorrow if I feel like it


Broken Animated gif, Firefox and Web-Developer toolbar


I wrote earlier on this topic and I just found out a bit more, so I thought if I just update the old post people won’t find out the new “findings” (it’s on the previous pages now) so I thought I will write a new post and here it is

This post applies to you IF:
1) You can’t see animated gif’s animations, that is they are broken
2) You are using Firefox
3) You have already tried the fix mentioned here
4) You have “web-developers” toolbar/plugin installed

I found out:
Web-developers has many many many options, many many sub-menus, one of the sub-menu’s is called “Images” which hosts all options related with images So one of the options in this menu is called “Disable Images”, which has sub-options like “All images”, “External Site Images”, and “Image Animations” well that’s our answer

See if “Image Animations” is checked, if it is, uncheck it and then check if your animations are working now ๐Ÿ™‚

I will post more fixes as I found them ๐Ÿ™‚ let me know if this helps anyone


Cyber Bill se yaad aya

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Aik shaks ke paas aik tota tha jo ussay roaz galian deta tha, usne ussay sudharne kelye dhamkian dee, khana band kia, magar usper koi asar hee naheen howa, phir usne ussay jaan se mar dene ki dhamki di jis per tota chup hogaya

Kuch din aisay hee guzar gaye, banda bara khush aik din jate jate woh palat ke totay ki taraf dekhta hay to tota muskurate howay kahta hay “samajh to tu gaya hoga :D”

Dil ka Rishta – Yuvraaj (Lyrics)


Yuvvraaj (2008)Title: Dil Ka Rishta
Movie: Yuvvraaj (2008)
Released: 2008
Singer: Sonu Nigam, Roop Kumar Rathod, ARRahman, Clinton,
Suzzanne, Vivienne Pocha, Blaaze, Naresh & Benny
Download: Click here (Don’t try right click and save as, won’t work)

Passion and aggression
Can I leave it somewhere

Dil dil hain dil dil mil jaane de
Passion and aggression
Can I leave it somewhere

Dil ka yeh sikka chal jaane de
Rishta yeh rishta pak jaane

DooorDil se nehin hain hum dooor
Jism alag hi sahi
Ek hi jaan ek noor

Lamba safar umra ka hain
Tanha gujarta nehin
Sar pe agar dhoop na ho
Saya utarta nehin

Rishtey bina hain jis tarah
Saye bina aadmi
Dil ki kissi dori se hain
Bandha hua aadmi

OOunaway,never leave your sould
Slow it down,be sure to carry it too

Passion and aggression
Can I leave it somewhere

Dil ka yeh sikka chul jaane
Rishta yeh rishta pak ja

Passion and aggression
Can I leave it somewhere

Dil dil hain dil dil mil jaane de
Dil dil hain dil dil mil jaane de

Rishta yeh rishta pak jaane de
Dil ka yeh sikka chul jaane de

Rishta yeh rishta pak jaane de
Haste hue jina hain toh,
Ji le kissi ke liya
Tere liye hain zindagi
Tu zindagi ke liye

Tupalke toh utha toh jaara
Rishton ki roshni toh ho
Dil ko jala toh jara

So when you ask
I be your dear brother
Someone who’s always there
To be by your side
Don’t let it pass
It reaaly does does matter
If we never over look back
Here’s what you mean me
I want to smile out
Scream out
I find my stregth
Right here with you
You’re my strenth

DooorDil se nehin hain hum dooor
Jism alag hi sahi
Ek hi jaan ek noor

DooorDil se nehin hain hum dooor
Jism alag hi sahi
Ek hi jaan ek noor

MR Fraudiye – Awaz (Lyrics)


Guys I tried to write down the lyrics of track Mr Fraudiye by Awaz, but it’s missing some lines and I am not sure about some, I have highlighted them help me out in fixing the lyrics ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks

Mobile Phone, Menu Card, Dinner lunch karay woh five star
Naukar, Guards, Beshumar, Dum naheen koi maire yaar
Oh Fraudiye Wah ji wah tu kinna set hay
Mr fraudiye bus kinoo kinoo dukh laye?
Wah jee wah tu kinna set hay
Mr fraudiye kinnay paise thagiye

Social work tu karay, Pocket kaise na bharay
Tagri teri har jagah, Percentage leta hay par
Oh farudiye Wah jee wah tu kinna set hay
Mr fraudiye bus kinoo kinoo dukh laye?
Wah jee wah tu kinna set hay
Mr fraudiye kinnay paise thagiye

Yeh hay choari, Rishwat khoari Dekho Dekho,
Kala dhanda, Kia hay banda, Dekho dekho,
Kaisi hay yeh seena zoari, Public sari tujh se darti hay,

Heya Mr Fraudi man tu hayga chalak,
Dunya day samne tu bolda bakwas,
Rishwat bhi khakay tera pait nayyo bharda,
How do you operate samajh naheen aunda,
Apnay baray sochta rahnda, ??
???? Sharm bhi na aunda
Heya Mr Fraudi man tu hayga bara ???

World over, jaye ga Hath na koi lagayega
Aik din thokar khayega, Dozakh main tu jayega
Oh fraudiye Wah jee wah tu kinna set hay
Mr Fraudiye Bus kinoo kinoo dukh laiye? (Fraudiye)
Wah jee wah tu kinna set hay
Mr Fraudiye kinnay paise thagiye

Oh fraudiye Wah jee wah tu kinna set hay
Mr Fraudiye Bus kinoo kinoo dukh laiye? (Fraudiye)
Wah jee wah tu kinna set hay
Mr Fraudiye kinnay paise thagiye

Album: Shola (1996)
Band: Awaz
Artist: Faakhir Mehmood & Haroon
Download: Click here


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Aik mash`hoor politician ko jab jaan se marne ki dhamkian mileen to unke ghar ke bahar nigrani aur tahaffuz kelye do security guard rakh choray gaye pehle din jab raat main aik afsar un guard se report lene aya to afsar aur aik guard ke darmyan guftugu kuch yunh huwi:

Afsar: Aaj ki report do
Guard: Sir, sahab jee aaj ghar se naheen nikle, aik surkh rang ki car do baar ayee thee, haweli ke compound main aik mulazim taqreeban aadhe ghante tak munh se tabla baja baja ke filmi geet gata raha, devdas, tezaab, aur kuch amitab bachchan ki movies ke bhi ganay, phir giara bajay aik nihayat shaukh aur alhar kisam ki sahiba haweli main dakhil huween, un ke bayen gaal per siah rang ka ubhra howa sa til tha, chehra bezvi, aankhain sharbati, qad sarhe char aur panch fut ke darmyan main
Afsar: shabash, har cheez ko bohat ghoar se dekha hay, tum jald taraqqi karoge
Afsar: car jo dau baar ayee thee uska number kia tha?
Guard: us per to dhian naheen dia janab

(Original Idea: Purisrar Cheenkhein, Imran Series No 3 – Ibn-e-Safi