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Home Page NasaComputers situated in Karachi, provides various computer services to public and private sectors in Karachi and nearby cities

Their services includes hardware support, hardware supplies (from Computers, Laptops to modem, display adapters and hard-drives), establishing network designs, and/or implementing network designs

NasaComputerCom is a basic html website that I designed atleast 3-4 years ago, the only attraction to it is the header of it which I designed using SWISH

Logo was provided to me by the client, it was also used in the flash to add extra eye-candy, the original idea of the layout was taken from some free-layout site, which I don’t remember now :$, anyways

Well what else should I say about this it’s just a four page site after all ;d, click on the thumbnails to view full image

Home Page Dealers Page Re-Sellers Page Contact Page

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