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Home Page Thalassemia, is a genetic blood disorder, and this website is for a Thalassemia Support Group called FAiTh, Fight Aainst Thalassemia It features all the information a thalassemic and his/her family should know From recent Thal-Events, to News, and Research Material everything is available there for free

ThalassemiaComPK is a pretty static site and since it doesn’t offer any interaction or useful services it never looks like active, but we are working on a few stuff that will surely make it a handy and useful site for visitors from Pakistan at least I really love it’s design because I created it from top to bottom, it was my first and maybe last creation that is completely mine! (except for the two images used in the header and few icons) Apart from the design, the complete website is built using PHP and mySql, it has lots of different scripts and alot more are under construction, I work on them in my leisure time right now you can find out stuff like research material, ways to support thalassemics and things, articles related to thalassemia and the website Anyways, I will update this one as soon as we do some work on the website click thumbs, view full, the usual yada yada

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