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Home Page 2SiteCom providing service for users who have a very very long url that they want to share with there friends in emails or forums, blogs etc urls like of mapquest or mapsgoogle.com’s, too huge!

2SiteCom’s offers a way to cut it to a short url such as 2Sitecom/xbcasd OR 2Sitecom/joe, which wont cut in emails and wont look ugly on message boards

It wasn’t my first project on short-url scripts, before that there were two different sites with minimal features like they didn’t have Member Registration, and Admin Panels!

1) ZoneURLCom – It’s gone now
2) ZeroURLCom – It’s up and working!
3) 2SiteCom – You are reading it’s review, it’s up, its working and it has more features than the other 2!

2Site offers its users to shorten there ugly and long url which they can use anywhere they want, if its legal ie, the url’s that 2Site will give to you won’t expire ever so it’s safe to give these url’s to anyone and everyone, at anytime you want to without fearing that it will be dead by now!

It’s useful for so many reasons,

1) To cut the long url’s short and make them look pretty
2) To hide your affiliate links!, visitors/friends often try not to visit affiliate links, if you have a 2Site address, the visitor will never know he is visiting your affiliate 😛
3) After registering you can keep track of click through, make custom aliases for your URL’s, Edit your existing URL’s and alot more!
4) Since you can edit your url’s after you register it means you can change as many hosts as you want and you won’t have to tell your users about your new web host each time, you can simply edit your 2Site’s url and it will be linked to the new host!
5) If your host does not provide you with visitor counter you can use the free counter available to registered users to see how much hits your links are getting!!

It has an admin panel where admin can check all registered users, their Short Url’s, aliases and edit/block/delete them as required, admin can also setup different ads to show on the site

Admins can blacklist spammer IP’s, URL’s, Email’s and Domain’s if they want or if the are creating problems plus there is one hidden feature, when a registered member uses Tell-A-Friend section, his count is increased on the admin panel, it was done so that if clients wants to give some incentives for publicity he can use that count to check the top referrers! 🙂

That is all, please click on thumbnails to view full sized images:

Home Page Registration Create URL Account Manager - Listing Links Editing URL

Home Page Footer Create ShortUrl Page Preview zerourl

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