Random enough to be declared weird.


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As of today, this is the most annoying subject for me

Why? well let me list my reasons: (which most people believe are illogical and weird)

  1. Marriage is/was not in my plans till 2012
  2. Amma is blackmailing me for my “yes”
    • and I don’t like to be blackmailed
  3. Amma saw this 15 years old kid in our “door-ke-relatives” and she likes her!
    • and I don’t want to baby-sit!
  4. Amma keeps referring to this kid in almost every conversation
    • and it’s getting annoyinggggggggggggg
  5. Both my sisters, and one close relative who knows about this kid are ‘cool’ with this idea ofcourse they are, it’s me who will be living with this kid
  6. Just 15!! I am what 9 years old than her? that’s almost a DECADE!


I have for amma-ki-khushi agreed to say yes for “mission-bahu-dhoondo” after January when my job gets fixed/permanent and now all I am hoping for is that amma gets over with this kid’s topic and finds some other girl who is not anyway near my nephew’s age :/


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