Random enough to be declared weird.

Thinking too much?

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From last few weeks I have this feeling that I am being too hard on myself —  or I am being very difficult for myself Limits, rules that I created for myself and that I am applying on myself from years are like being impossible to maintain now it’s weird


I enjoy my life, I love my work, I love my family everything is just like it was before so why do I feel different now? I never liked changes, infact I almost hate changes so why I am looking for changes now?

I never waited or wasted my time for anyone or anything which is not productive or which doesn’t helps my work/career/job or monthly goal then why do I waste my time on facebook or msn now? Why do I wait?

I never felt incomplete, so why I feel that I am missing something now?

Maybe, I am thinking too much and over-reacting (Maybe it’s just gas?)

Whatever it is, I am pretty much sure it will be over once I can get my focus back to work

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