Random enough to be declared weird.

Gola Ganda

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<StoryTeller> Did you guys hear?
<lameKid> ST, when will you learn? we are thousands mile apart, and we are on text-based IRC we can’t hear what you are hearing right now
<StoryTeller> abay gadhay
<lameKid> badtameezi na karo, bhabhi ko email kardene hain tumhare logs
<Wizard> gola ganda anyone?
<StoryTeller> what’s a gola ganda?
<lameKid> you don’t know gola ganda?
<StoryTeller> no
<Wizard> pehle aik gandi dandi lo
<Wizard> uspe baraf ka gola bana ke lagao
<Wizard> phir sachrine wali teen chaar sharbatain dalo usper
<Wizard> aur aakhir main woh yellow wali thick see cheez
<lameKid> err I just lost my apetite
<lameKid> comelle :@
<Wizard> kia comelle?
<lameKid> that yellow wali thick see cheez is called Comelle!! err brb
<Wizard> what what did I say?
<StoryTeller> well not much, but that description is surely enough to convince people
<Wizard> convince about what?
<lameKid> that you are a WEIRDO!
<StoryTeller> yaheeh ke tum weirdo ho
<lameKid> jinxed! lol
<StoryTeller> stop watching disney tv lamer :p

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