Random enough to be declared weird.


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<Wizard> Yaar, I was wondering
<StoryTeller> me too
<lameKid> me three
<Wizard> shaap, let me complete
<StoryTeller> bako bako
<Wizard> I was wondering, SK never wishes anyone on birthdays, eid, etc
<lameKid> so?
<Wizard> I mean it’s weird
<StoryTeller> well now that you mention it he never said “Congrats” when I got married
<Wizard> Yeah but that’s obvious, whats not obvious is that he never said “aah, well best of luck” to you when you get married
<StoryTeller> lame joke :/
<lameKid> hah no need to hide ST you so want to say ell oh ell 😛
<StoryTeller> tujhay to acha lagega hee [translate: You will obviously like it]
<StoryTeller> tere nick main hee lame hay [translate: Your nickname has LAME written all over it]
<Wizard> Yeah but seriously, shadi ke lye “congrats” banta hee naheen
<lameKid> “Sorry, I didn’t know” banta hay ST ki shadi per to 😛
<StoryTeller> tumhari bhabhi idher hee hay dhian se
<lameKid> so you agree? 😛
<Wizard> he has no issues with that!? lol
<Wizard> that must get to bhabhi now lol
<lameKid> sending SMS now
<lameKid> “bhabhi read ST’s screen – LK” 😛
<lameKid> SMS sent
<Wizard> oh boy this ought to prove interesting
* lameKid quits (Killed by StoryTeller)
* StoryTeller (Quit: Wizard marwa dia k)

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