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Fatimid Foundation’s Blood Donor Form


Few days ago when I asked one of my friends why he didn’t come to our blood camp he said because he (and his friends) don’t trust Fatimid

He told me that Fatimid Foundation arranges a blood camp at their university regularly He and all his friends used to donate there But at one occasion one of the colleagues sister was sick and needed blood so they visited Fatimid showed there donation receipts and asked for a bag of blood But Fatimid Foundation refused and said they can’t give them blood

Well so long story short they don’t trust Fatimid and they cannot donate blood for Fatimid Foundation

I was a little busy at that time so I couldn’t respond but I did say that they have to fulfill their patients requirement and they have stopped new patient registrations just because they were not getting enough blood for patients then how will they give blood to others? It’s not a blood camp blood bank after all

Anyways I found this written on Fatimid Foundation’s Blood Donor form which they require you to fill and SIGN before you donate at any of there camp, even it’s a road-side camp, it says “DONOR’S CONSENT – I want to donate blood voluntarily for the patients of Fatimid Foundation, & will not be entitled to claim any exchange for my donation”


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