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Animated gif broken in Firefox?



Update: IF you are using Web-Developer toolbar, read this too

I was having this issue from a while now, none of the animated gif’s on any page would work in Firefox but they worked fine in IE, Safari etc It was not bothering me much but AJAX applications use animated gif’s to give instant feedback to users and since I was using AJAX in recent projects it was hard to test usability without seeing the animated gif

So I searched for it on google and found a fix on mozillaZine Forums and it works! so if anyone out there is having the same issue, here is the fix:

  1. Type about:config in the address bar
  2. Search (FILTER) for “imageanimation_mode
  3. If you have the same error you will see it set to “none” Change this to the default value of “normal

BTW I have no clue how I could have disabled this setting I thought I might have disabled it while trying to fix firefox memory issue but that’s not the case

Anyways it’s fixed, so have fun


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