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Dear Diary – 3rd Sep, 2009

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Well, right now my mom and sis are giving me “pittay” that I’ll have 12  kids Khair

I tweeted after three days feels weird, it’s like riding a bike after 10 years (yes, I rode a bike recently after around 10 years or more)

Obviously this is a yet again random post of what I feel like saying and what I find/found interesting today

I have missed quite a few CIO Webstudio videos, haven’t even watched the episode of ITLow with Badar Khushnood and Episodes of PakCrunch These lads are doing a pretty solid show will watch all these videos on weekend

Talking about PakCrunch, I think @hamaddar is doing a very good job at KoolMuzonecom and TechBlogpk (don’t ask me why I remembered @hamaddar while talking about PakCrunch)

I heared Michael Jackson is finally going to be burried 70 days after his sudden death Bechara

Read this really interesting quote forwarded by @talhaz:

@livetorque:  “If you #think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito” — Dalai Lama XIV

Just followed @uzee he is a nice guy, I wonder why I didn’t follow him during 14th August Hmph

Read a tweet forwarded by @ali360 saying:

WOW! RT @sheikhali: Pakistan’s first exclusive satellite PAKSAT-1R to be launched on 14th August 2011 – http://bitly.com/1ipjyn #Pakistan

@VoraciousWorm tweeted:

Have been studying about Hinduism for hours Have I lost my mind:S?

I think studying different religions is fine, it helps in understanding your own religion more (don’t ask me to explain this)

check this tweet posted by @blessedAyesha (my sister):

http://twitpic.com/gbtg1 – Sharmeela bhanja aka ibrahim :p

Good question by @imhassan:

I’d hold a Windows 7 Launch Party if Microsoft had put Pakistan in the list of countries Why not @microsoft why not!!

AuthorizeNet has started a new developer’s community forum, just got an invite Registered and found myself with a label saying “Founder” Apparently for a limited time all new users of beta invitations will be given this icon Weird but interesting :p

I am not sure if you guys receive emails from “criticmagazine” blog But I do, and I never subscribed to them I hate these forced subscriptions ;(

I think FailBlog, eMail’s from Crazy People, and Comixed are real cool for passing time

Have you read about President Obama giving Aftaar party at White House? no? well click here Never expected that 😀

Hah check this: http://wwwcomixedcom/2009/08/21/comics-comic-strip-yonkoma-good-at-his-job (that’s 4chan’s moot btw)

On a serious note: http://teeth.com.pk/blog/2009/09/04/discussion-eye-witness-saad-khan-unilever 🙁

oh well time to sleep, Nighty Night Folks


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