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How to reset wordpress admin password

Thanks for liking Rahul. It’s insecure, yes. But it’s not supposed to be on your server for more than a few minutes. as the instruction says delete it after it’s done it’s job 🙂

Introducing: Twitter Diva

@Hamad, it was correct when you posted it. check my latest twit 😛

Kaun Hoga Naujawano Ka Wazeer-e-Azam

I am going to post an audio recording of a little message Ayesha delivered on FM 103 today.

Kaun Hoga Naujawano Ka Wazeer-e-Azam

Yes I found out, those banners were placed by some private organization.. and I agree about putting pressure on government. But we don’t have any links or contacts to do it. We are trying to convince Bloggers to help us in this cause.

As you might know today is Thalassemia Day (may 8th), it’s organized yearly to aware people about thalassemia.. inshaAllah one day it will be organized just to remember what thalassemia was. inshaAllah. 🙂

How to reset wordpress admin password

@Sohail, np dude
@Awais, np, I thought you are elder than me, appearances can be really deceiving. no?

I want to make money from home

Hey dude.. np, are you planning to write more on this topic?

Google Adsense is weird

yeah, but I couldn’t locate any solution for this problem. I am hoping that someone might know what to do next? ;d

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I have added you 🙂

تعلیم اور میں۔۔

hah yep, kaam abhi jari hay ya jaise kisi actor ne kaha hay “picture abhi baqi hay doast” 😀

Google's Search Results Error

you must have tried after it was fixed, otherwise that error was appearing in all browsers 🙂

oh and welcome to my blog 🙂

Fatimid Foundation's Blood Donor Form

Yep, but see the scene is that Fatimid is transfusing at least 100 thalassemic patients and several hemophiliac patients every day. But they don’t have enough blood for the patients, so how will they arrange blood for valuable contributors?

Blood Camp, YPP, or main

maine waqar hee to likha hay :>

@Adnan: lol

ون رومن انگلش پوسٹ

بائی دا وے)۔ LOL دیتس)

Thalassemia Video

well try after this fiber optic issue is fixed? OR wait till we get DVD from them 🙂


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I have replied you in email 🙂 [and yes, I am associated with ApniISP]

Chandni Raat Main - Ahmed Jahanzeb

yep most songs from this album are good.. like “Main aur Tum”