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MR Fraudiye – Awaz (Lyrics)


Guys I tried to write down the lyrics of track Mr Fraudiye by Awaz, but it’s missing some lines and I am not sure about some, I have highlighted them help me out in fixing the lyrics 🙂 Thanks

Mobile Phone, Menu Card, Dinner lunch karay woh five star
Naukar, Guards, Beshumar, Dum naheen koi maire yaar
Oh Fraudiye Wah ji wah tu kinna set hay
Mr fraudiye bus kinoo kinoo dukh laye?
Wah jee wah tu kinna set hay
Mr fraudiye kinnay paise thagiye

Social work tu karay, Pocket kaise na bharay
Tagri teri har jagah, Percentage leta hay par
Oh farudiye Wah jee wah tu kinna set hay
Mr fraudiye bus kinoo kinoo dukh laye?
Wah jee wah tu kinna set hay
Mr fraudiye kinnay paise thagiye

Yeh hay choari, Rishwat khoari Dekho Dekho,
Kala dhanda, Kia hay banda, Dekho dekho,
Kaisi hay yeh seena zoari, Public sari tujh se darti hay,

Heya Mr Fraudi man tu hayga chalak,
Dunya day samne tu bolda bakwas,
Rishwat bhi khakay tera pait nayyo bharda,
How do you operate samajh naheen aunda,
Apnay baray sochta rahnda, ??
???? Sharm bhi na aunda
Heya Mr Fraudi man tu hayga bara ???

World over, jaye ga Hath na koi lagayega
Aik din thokar khayega, Dozakh main tu jayega
Oh fraudiye Wah jee wah tu kinna set hay
Mr Fraudiye Bus kinoo kinoo dukh laiye? (Fraudiye)
Wah jee wah tu kinna set hay
Mr Fraudiye kinnay paise thagiye

Oh fraudiye Wah jee wah tu kinna set hay
Mr Fraudiye Bus kinoo kinoo dukh laiye? (Fraudiye)
Wah jee wah tu kinna set hay
Mr Fraudiye kinnay paise thagiye

Album: Shola (1996)
Band: Awaz
Artist: Faakhir Mehmood & Haroon
Download: Click here

Crime Credit

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<Wizard> I met a guy who was jailed in US for 18 years
<lameKid> woah what did he do?
<Wizard> Nothing :d
<lameKid> huh?
<Wizard> yeah nothing, he was innocent and he was released after his innocence was proved
<lameKid> but he lost 18 years!!
<Wizard> that’s what I said, I asked him what are you going to do now
<Wizard> he said nothing
<Wizard> I’m like huh! let me tell you this if I do 18 years in jail for something I didn’t do
<Wizard> when I get out I am going to do something!
<Wizard> that’s 18 years credit
<Wizard> I have already done the time now it’s time to do the crime
<Wizard> I gotta crime credit card, I am gonna go commit crime and swipe *zoop*
<Wizard> Give me your money old lady *zoop* that’s right I am not wearing a mask
<Wizard> tell them it was me the credit card bandit
<Wizard> I’ll be back in court next day the judge will say
<Wizard> “it says here you robbed an old lady, that’s 4 year”
<Wizard> I say yeah that’s 4 year just take them off my card, now I got 14 left
<Wizard> now hurry I have a lot more stuff to do banks to rob, whores to pimp, crack to sell
<Wizard> I told you I didn’t did anything in the first place
<Wizard> you know what *bam* here 1 year for hitting an officer on duty, *zoop*
<Wizard> and don’t let me use rest of this card up here in this court
<StoryTeller> Wizard Dude you should really cut down on caffeine
<lameKid> lol

Original joke by: Ian Edwards


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<Wizard> but seriously, you should have seen that!
<lameKid> well I missed it, but I can imagine 😀
<StoryTeller> duh, IDGAC about that
<lameKid> what’s IDGAC?
<StoryTeller> I don’t give a crap
<lameKid> why? :S
<Wizard> lK ST ko qabz hogaya hay 😛
<lameKid> lol now that’s lame!!


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<Wizard> aur LK kia horaha hay
<lameKid> bus abhi random facts parh raha tha
<Wizard> kahan se?
<lameKid> dacoolsite.com/facts/
<StoryTeller> lameKid: Don’t Spam!
<lameKid> you tello, what’s happening
<Wizard> kuch naheen song sun raha hoon
<lameKid> kaunsa?
<Wizard> Mann tu Talbat from Superstar
<lameKid> aha, Tere bina jee na paaon sang tere jee na paaon
<lameKid> Hoke juda, ab hum milain Ab na kabhi hongay judaa
<lameKid> Ab kia kahoon iske siwaaa Mann tu talbat, Tu man talbat
<StoryTeller> mirasi, iske agay ga ke dikha to manoon 😛
<lameKid> Oh my love, I have the key in love, I wil be there for you, always be there for you
<lameKid> Ab mil gaye lo fir se hum, subahon ne fir choomein kadam
<lameKid> Kudrat ne haathon se likhey, khud rishtey ye janmo jana,
<lameKid> Mil kar rahengey hum yun sada, Mann tu talbat, tu man talbat
<lameKid> agay gaon? 😛
<Wizard> lol, ST – dhulaya sukhaya hogaya 😛
<Wizard> KACHRAAA! lol lol
<lameKid> lol

So what happens next?

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<lameKid> So what do you think about YPP?
<StoryTeller> Salman will definitely win
<Wizard> most probably
<lameKid> But there is nothing to win, who so ever gets selected by voting will be working for Pakistan, and if he works with his full heart it will be a win for Pakistan
<Wizard> well that’s a good idea, lets put personal gains and favoritism aside and think about the country first
<lameKid> isn’t that the whole point of this show?
<StoryTeller> well kind of
<StoryTeller> so what were you talking about
<lameKid> I meant do you think they will get to do more shows?
<lameKid> and more importantly do you think they will do what people are expecting now?
<lameKid> or it’s just talk talk no walk?
<StoryTeller> achay sawalat hain
<Wizard> they can’t be answered that easily
<Wizard> we will have to wait and watch
<lameKid> I already know that, but phir bhi what do you guys think
<StoryTeller> seriously it’s too early to say anything
* Wizard quit (Ping timeout)
<lameKid> chalo Wizard ki to batti gul hogayee
<StoryTeller> gul 😛 aaj kal bara gul gul kar raha hay 😛
<lameKid> abay ja bhai aik baar baat kia karli g-girl se tum to peeche hee par gaye :/
* StoryTeller quit (Quit: haan bhai ab to yaheeh kahoge :P)

correct yet useless answer

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<Guest-3356> aur, aap loag kahan rehte ho?
<Wizard> Garden West
<Guest-3356> yeh kidher hay?
<Wizard> Garden East east main hay, aur Garden West west main hay
<lameKid> lol
<StoryTeller> dimagh chal ria hay tera

Quaid, Firefighters and us

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This is supposed to be a very short post Because I don’t have much to say
I really hope that I can think of something better and write more but I guess I am not good at this so I will simply include some chat logs

<Wizard> Quaid-e-Azam ki wajah se Pakistan Aazaad howa aur logon ne unhain hee bhula dia
<StoryTeller> He was the leader, but saying he is the sole responsible for our freedom is not true many people sacrificed there lives and even children for Azadi
<Wizard> okay but why do we have to neglect our leader’s birthday?
<StoryTeller> I guess not giving a public holiday is fine but there should be programs and events organized to honor him
<Wizard> Bhai, for 27th they have arranged FREE Bus Ride from anywhere to Larkana everywhere I go people asking “Tum larkana jarahay ho?”, media per har taraf yaheeh hay news channels per news se ziada is din ki baat horahee hay
<Wizard> Who is paying for all that? the tax-payers?
<StoryTeller> But how many actually pay tax?
<Wizard> If they stop wasting tax money on Shadi in PM House and Such events and if people can see that there hard-earned cash is utilized properly THEY WILL PAY TAX
<StoryTeller> nah
<Wizard> Khair that’s not the point the point is that we have neglected the nation’s leader, but we are remembering a martyred party leader in a very huuuge way, Liaquat Ali Khan was martyred as well we don’t remember him like this so why 27 has to be an exception?
<lameKid> and no one talked about several fire fighters who died at Ghakar Plaza sukker
<Wizard> yes, they are the heroes they died while trying to save others
<StoryTeller> but 27 is for remembering a hero too
<Wizard> Yes, but why only 27th Why not 25th, why not salute the heroes of 23rd December? Why not honor those who sacrificed there lives in the three wars?
<StoryTeller> hmm saheeh baat hay yaar
<lameKid> itna kharcha event per kia gaya, media coverage, free bus rides, everything but nothing for heroes of 23rd december, OR Quaid
<lameKid> even jo compensation announce ki gayee hain unhain un ke relatives tak pohanchne main pata naheen kitna time lage, kitne dhakke khane paren unhain
<StoryTeller> pohanche bhi ya naheen who knows
<Wizard> sad

I am not against anything or anyone 27th is definitely for a hero, a great leader but we shouldn’t neglect others as well

There is a song being played by Najam Shiraz on TheMusik etc today most probably it is dedicated to this date it has a line/verse: “Hum koi shahadat bhoolay naheen bhoolay naheen Mitti ki mohabbat bhoolay naheen”

I just wish that it was true



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<lameKid> I just won a drawing competition
<Wizard> huh? but you can’t draw
<lameKid> I know!! but I still won 😀
<Wizard> hmm
<StoryTeller> what kind of a competition was that?
<lameKid> a simple one
<StoryTeller> I mean rules etc?
<lameKid> ah there was just one rule “Draw anything, it can be anything simple but your drawing should be faultless”
<StoryTeller> and you still won?
<Wizard> tumne kia banaya?
<lameKid> dabba :>
<StoryTeller> lol

Dino Ali – Suno Zara


<Wizard> what is it?
<StoryTeller> it’s supposed to be a music album
<Wizard> oh so who is the singer?
<StoryTeller> Dino Ali
<Wizard> but he is not a singer
<StoryTeller> apparently — he is a pathetic one but he is
<Wizard> aah link?
<StoryTeller> You really want to listen? :S
<Wizard> yeah, why not?
<lameKid> my ears are bleeding now DAMN
<Wizard> lK why?
<lameKid> I just listened to his song on youtube DAMN
<StoryTeller> that’s what I meant wizard 😛
<Wizard> is it that bad?
<StoryTeller> err okay go listen: http://dacoolsite.com/songs/Pakistani_Pop_Albums/Dino_Ali/Suno_Zara_(2008)/

around 30 minutes later

* Wizard quit (Quit: )

later that day:

* Wizard joins #chat
<Wizard> DAMMMN
<Wizard> you ain’t going to say “told you?”
<lameKid> no, why will I say that? 😛
<lameKid> lol fine, “told you :P”
<StoryTeller> Wizard try Jimmy Attre as well 😛
<lameKid> haha Akaile kaheen na jaana zamana najuk hay 😛
<Wizard> no thanks, I have suffered enough for today


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<Wizard> Yaar, I was wondering
<StoryTeller> me too
<lameKid> me three
<Wizard> shaap, let me complete
<StoryTeller> bako bako
<Wizard> I was wondering, SK never wishes anyone on birthdays, eid, etc
<lameKid> so?
<Wizard> I mean it’s weird
<StoryTeller> well now that you mention it he never said “Congrats” when I got married
<Wizard> Yeah but that’s obvious, whats not obvious is that he never said “aah, well best of luck” to you when you get married
<StoryTeller> lame joke :/
<lameKid> hah no need to hide ST you so want to say ell oh ell 😛
<StoryTeller> tujhay to acha lagega hee [translate: You will obviously like it]
<StoryTeller> tere nick main hee lame hay [translate: Your nickname has LAME written all over it]
<Wizard> Yeah but seriously, shadi ke lye “congrats” banta hee naheen
<lameKid> “Sorry, I didn’t know” banta hay ST ki shadi per to 😛
<StoryTeller> tumhari bhabhi idher hee hay dhian se
<lameKid> so you agree? 😛
<Wizard> he has no issues with that!? lol
<Wizard> that must get to bhabhi now lol
<lameKid> sending SMS now
<lameKid> “bhabhi read ST’s screen – LK” 😛
<lameKid> SMS sent
<Wizard> oh boy this ought to prove interesting
* lameKid quits (Killed by StoryTeller)
* StoryTeller (Quit: Wizard marwa dia k)