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Blood Camp, YPP, or main


Hello Everyone,

We all wish that new year brings something new in our life, some change, something real nice and good that could make this new year special But it happens very rarely right?

I guess 2009 is an exception for me (2008 was good too but 2009 is just great as of yet) I am sure you guys are wondering what I am talking about

Well first let me tell you about how our blood camp went HORRIBLY WRONG why? We had a target of 100+ pints, but we could only get 49 pints it’s just not cool you know anyways now let me tell you what YPP is

YPP is Youth Parliament of Pakistan, a non-profit, non-political, non-religious program initiated by Abrar-ul-Haq This organization is inviting Pakistani youth to come forward and work for Pakistan in whichever field they are comfortable with They want the youth to identify problems and give solutions for them

They have started a reality based show called “Kaun hoga naujawanon ka Wazeer-e-Azam”, and they are inviting interested groups from all over Pakistan for this show We (me, Ayesha, and YLap) were invited too

I didn’t want to be a part of it, but after severe convincing from mom, ayesha and Hina aapi, I agreed But I requested for “Airplane” tickets, they surrended and agreed to pay half amount (or more?) ofthe tickets after Hina aapi pressurized them πŸ˜€

On 14th we reached Lahore, and at 12:00 PM we arrived at Ali Auditorium (where recording had to take place) When we arrived they were getting ready for the first session, we were sent to a Focus Group discussion, it was organized with help of British Council, I was really hesitant there but it actually helped a lot

After focus group, we had our recording but we were sent to KFC (thanks to Abrar bhai for that), After that we (me, Ayesha, Qasim, Waqar, Sir Asif, Arsalan, Saad [my cousin]) and there was one more person from Karachi (his name was Musawwir – I think), we all were teamed against each other Sir Asif V/S Waqar, Arsalan V/S Qasim, Saad V/S me, and Ayesha V/S Musawwir

Everyone of us had to give 2 minutes of Speech (about what we see as problems in our country and what are the solutions to them) in front of live audience and judges, Most of us were thinking that Sir Asif will win easily, Qasim has no chance, Ayesha will be victorious against Musawwir and I (and my lack of confidence) will ruin this chance for me so Saad will easily win BUT I guess it was time for unexpected things to happen

At the last moment we were told that we can’t deliver our speech while reading from a paper, so we have to remember our speech most probably this affected everyone, including me anyways I decided that it’s useless to try to remember the speech instead I will just speak about the things that are important to me, if they are important to me why would I need to prepare right?

Well then program was started, Waqar gave a very tough competition to Sir Asif very few points separate them, then Qasim was GREAT, he was simply GREAT, and Arsalan unfortunately received very low score (most probably the lowest score of all) You must be thinking why we had thought that Sir Asif or Arsalan would get more points? well because they are usually more confident and comfortable (in communications/discussions) then Waqar and Qasim

Anyways after that it was me and Saad, Saad as expected had a very good speech, then I gave my speech and somehow people liked it so much that I got standing ovation for that (thanks to Waqar :), he was the first one who got up from his seat on stage) everyone was clapping and I was like “uhh what did I say, what did I say”, then Abrar bhai hugged me and said “Thalassemia will be the first thing we will discuss on first Youth Assembly” I was ahead in Audience scores but Judges score evened us (me and Saad) quite nicely

After me, it was Ayesha and Musawwir, unfortunately since me and Ayesha both had to talk on same topic and we were right after one another she got a little emotional (due to my speech) and lost her train of thoughts while talking so she ended it very quickly Judges liked it but Musawwir received more points πŸ™ [I wish Musawwir was against me :D]

Now we are waiting for march, when this will go on-air on ATV channel Viewers will be allowed to vote via SMS for participants who they think deserve a chance to sit in Youth Assembly (that will be organized in Islamabad, I think)

And now about me (or that’s the “main” part from topic) I feel great, why? because we had to walk on 14th the whole day and even though I had to take 8-10 tablets that day I was just fine! I was walking, carrying luggage and everything was fine That’s just so good! I FELT GREAT

Well that’s all for now, talk to you laters πŸ™‚


Random rant

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[rant]I knew ke aisa hee hoga per shayad main khud bhi yaheeh chahta tha ke aisay na ho main chahta tha ke is baar main ghalat sabit hoon aur main abhi bhi chahta hoon ke meri intuitions ghalat sabit hoon

kion? kionke wohee behter hoga maire lye sab kelye per mujhay naheen lagta ke main ghalat sabit honga

it will be very difficult but not impossible, but everyone of us would say after a few months “only if it hasn’t happened, only if it was avoidable” but today’s fact is it’s not avoidable it cannot be ignored

I so wish that this is solved in a nice and comfortable manner but it’s hard to see how

I thought if he was alive today he would’ve managed this without any problems this makes me feel more bad about this situation I can’t manage it myself I can’t control, I can’t confront I have never been bothered by the “weak” feel that comes from inside whenever I have to see such issue but this might be the first issue that I have to manage myself and this weakening is unbearable[/rant]

2008 – Overview

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2008 is definitely a better year than 2007

Everything that happened this year, without descriptions and explanations:

  1. Moved to a new location (new home)
  2. My Fight Against Thalassemia (FAiTh) foundation got awarded on Blood Donors Day
  3. Job!!
  4. Successfully avoided hospitalization πŸ˜€
  5. Started DaCoolSite
  6. Left IRC for good!
  7. Returned some parts of the debt on my family
  8. Ditched AKUH and returned to Fatimid :p
  9. Started Blogging

I will update this post if I remember some more things so yeah This was definitely a better year



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As of today, this is the most annoying subject for me

Why? well let me list my reasons: (which most people believe are illogical and weird)

  1. Marriage is/was not in my plans till 2012
  2. Amma is blackmailing me for my “yes”
    • and I don’t like to be blackmailed
  3. Amma saw this 15 years old kid in our “door-ke-relatives” and she likes her!
    • and I don’t want to baby-sit!
  4. Amma keeps referring to this kid in almost every conversation
    • and it’s getting annoyinggggggggggggg
  5. Both my sisters, and one close relative who knows about this kid are ‘cool’ with this idea ofcourse they are, it’s me who will be living with this kid
  6. Just 15!! I am what 9 years old than her? that’s almost a DECADE!


I have for amma-ki-khushi agreed to say yes for “mission-bahu-dhoondo” after January when my job gets fixed/permanent and now all I am hoping for is that amma gets over with this kid’s topic and finds some other girl who is not anyway near my nephew’s age :/


Thinking too much?

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From last few weeks I have this feeling that I am being too hard on myself — Β or I am being very difficult for myself Limits, rules that I created for myself and that I am applying on myself from years are like being impossible to maintain now it’s weird


I enjoy my life, I love my work, I love my family everything is just like it was before so why do I feel different now? I never liked changes, infact I almost hate changes so why I am looking for changes now?

I never waited or wasted my time for anyone or anything which is not productive or which doesn’t helps my work/career/job or monthly goal then why do I waste my time on facebook or msn now? Why do I wait?

I never felt incomplete, so why I feel that I am missing something now?

Maybe, I am thinking too much and over-reacting (Maybe it’s just gas?)

Whatever it is, I am pretty much sure it will be over once I can get my focus back to work