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Dear Diary – 2nd Sep, 2009

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I realized I have not posted anything from a long time not even a random quickie not that anyone reads it but it’s fun to write It feel’s good when I express myself

When I clicked “New Post” I had no idea what I am going to write about, I have no clue right now as well So I guess I’ll tell you about my routine these days, yeah? You like that eh? You have a curious stalker somewhere inside you

Oh well

It’s a very busy life I wake up at a fixed time, I work for 14-16 hours (yes don’t give me lecture, I know it’s a lot), and then I sleep at the fixed time for fixed amount of hours mundane boring I wish life had the option of saving and running macros or something like a Super remote control (like in the movie Click) That’s all about my routine I would ask you ‘what’s up with you’ but I don’t want to stop writing/typing right now so I will continue, you can tell me your routine later in the comments

I don’t know if you have read about SeeNReport (pvt) Ltd getting series A VC funding, I think it’s really cool, and I congratulate them and wish them best of luck You can read more about it here

I think @byteconnector‘s poetry is cool, and I think technotwoet.com will rock

(yes, I am just randomly writing things I find/found rather interesting)

One thing that’s constantly bugging me right now is the light yellow/cream colored line on this page which is tempting me to upgrade and try out wp 284 ;p

@Shubhankar wrote:
#Pakistan truly a basket case – Article about the Rock scene there has #Afghanistan in its URL http://3ly/b2y Pakistan #fail as always

When guardian makes a mistake and adds “afghanistan” in a url of a story related to Pakistan, it’s somehow Pakistan’s fail 😆 IMO it’s a fail fail *as always* 😆

Did I tell you I have changed my default browser? I now use Firefox just when I want to use Firebug Except for that I am always on Google Chrome It’s fast (Yes, I know you have heard it before ;d)

Just activated a new theme I don’t change themes very often But this one looks pretty cool ;d

These days when I am not working (rarely, before or after work-hours or on weekends) I try to get some time for games and browsing-around randomly Have started playing NFS Undercover Pretty neat But a bit weird in the sense that it allows you to roam freely, but blocks the short-cuts when you are actually in a race I love the cars they have offered though, From Pagani Zonda to Volkswagon :d

While chatting with Saad’s Junni-Darling on msn we talked about one very old game ‘Cadillacs & Dinosaurs‘ that we used to play at “five-star-game-ki-dukaan” (5 Star Game Shop, desi gaming arena :P) We have wasted so many tokens on that game I found it at torrents and played it myself, now Hammad and Ibrahim play that (they have finished it as well) Looking for more classics like that one, I found ‘Golden Axe‘ Triology We used to play that for hours I don’t like it anymore though

I also tried “Worms Armageddon” pretty cool game Trying to find “lemmings” now and will also try “Pro Evolution Soccer ’09”

One interesting fact about this post is that I started it at around Sehri (Sunrise), and right now am having kachori and mithai in Aftaar (Sunset) heh

Just updated an old post: “Blood Camp, YPP, or main

While I was writing this post Gmail went down and came up again as well I didn’t even notice the downtime I find it quite interesting that it was such a widespread issue that almost all of the slots in Google trends were taken by queries related to Google downtime Never saw something like that (Read it on mashable btw, that’s not my original finding)

These days I don’t feel like using twitter or facebook I am even thinking (once again) about dropping off the social scene by comitting a social suicide Let’s see if I really do do that

Oh well, let’s finish this post I will write again tomorrow if I feel like it


Introducing: Twitter Diva


Twitter Diva is just an alias I have given to someone I don’t even know yet

Things I can tell:
1) She is a blogger
2) She uses twitter
3) She is not on my Following Or Followers list (yet)
4) I may or may not have mentioned her ever

Now obviously some would be saying “whaaaaaa? what kind of intro is that!!” but seriously If you know me, you will be thankful that I actually have shared this publicly

Anyways, See you guys later,

MYTH: Bibi Aisha a six-year-old bride


I saw this message on #blaagers hash tag on twitter from enked of Chidimarcom:

Please all #Muslims gather ! Read here and start commenting ! http://bitly.com/FKjT0 You can spend atleast 3-5 minutes for #Islam #blaagers

The whole topic is about that Bibi Aisha was 6 or 9 years old at the time of marriage — here is the rebuttal to this FALSE “claim”

Bibi Asma was Hazrat Abu Bakr’s daughter She was the half sister of Bibi Aisha

According to this page on Wikipedia:

692: Death

According to almost all the historians, Asma the elder sister of Aisha, was ten years older than Aisha Asma is reported to die in the 73 AH, when she was 100 years old”

Now many will say that Wikipedia cannot be used as a reference or source But I have the sources with me:

According to Abda’l-Rahman ibn abi zanna’d:

“Asma was 10 years older than Ayesha (Siyar A‘lam Al-Nubala’, Al-Zahabi, Vol 2, p 289, Arabic, Mu’assasatu’l-risalah, Beirut, 1992)

قال عبد الرحمن بن أبي الزناد كانت أسماء أكبر من عائشة بعشر

According to Ibn Kathir:

“She [Asma] was elder to her sister [Ayesha] by 10 years” (Al-Bidayah wa’l-nihayah, Ibn Kathir, Vol 8, p 371, Dar al-fikr al-`arabi, Al-jizah, 1933) #link

وهي أكبر من أختها عائشة بعشر سنين

According to Ibn Kathir:

“She [Asma] saw the killing of her son during that year [73 AH], as we have already mentioned, and five days later she herself died According to other narratives, she died not after five days but 10 or 20, or a few days over 20, or 100 days later The most well known narrative is that of 100 days later At the time of her death, she was 100 years old” (Al-Bidayah wa’l-nihayah, Ibn Kathir, Vol 8, p 372, Dar al-fikr al-`arabi, Al-jizah, 1933) #link

وأدركت قتل ولدها في هذه السنة كما ذكرنا، ثم ماتت بعده بخمسة أيام

وقيل: بعشرة

وقيل: بعشرين

وقيل: بضع وعشرين يوما

وقيل: عاشت بعده مائة يوم، وهو الأشهر، وبلغت من العمر مائة سنة ولم يسقط لها سن، ولم ينكر لها عقل رحمها الله

وقد روت عن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم عدة أحاديث طيبة مباركة رضي الله عنها ورحمها

According to Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani:

“She [Asma] lived a hundred years and died in 73 or 74 AH” (Taqribu’l-tehzib, Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani, p 654, Arabic, Bab fi’l-nisa’, al-harfu’l-alif, Lucknow)

8525- أسماء بنت أبي بكر الصديق ‏[‏ذات النطاقين‏]‏ زوج الزبير ابن العوام من كبار الصحابة عاشت مائة سنة وماتت سنة ثلاث أو أربع وسبعين ع

This says two things:

  1. Bibi Asma was 10 years older than Bibi Aisha
  2. Bibi Asma died in 73 AH (692 – 693 CE)

Okay so it means Bibi Asma was born in 592 and then 10 years later in year 602 Bibi Aisha was born

So the Exact year of Bibi Aisha’s birth is: 602 CE

Now hold that thought and let me check when Bibi Aisha got married with our beloved Prophet:

Wikipedia says on this page:


According to the traditional sources, Aisha was six or seven years old when betrothed to Muhammad[1][3][4] American historian Denise Spellberg states that “these specific references to the bride’s age reinforce Aisha’s pre-menarcheal status and, implicitly, her virginity”[3] She stayed in her parents’ home until the age of nine, when the marriage was consummated[1][3][4][5][6][7] The marriage was delayed until after the Hijra, or migration to Medina, in 622; Aisha and her older sister Asma bint Abi Bakr only moved to Medina after Muhammad had already migrated there After this, the wedding was celebrated very simply

It clearly says:

  1. She was betrothed (engaged) to Prophet at the age of six or seven years
  2. Marriage took place at the age of nine
  3. Marriage took place after Hijrah (migration)

Hijrah took place in 622 CE!! If she was born in 602 CE as we PROVED above, Bibi Aisha was around 20 years old when she got married to our beloved Prophet!


Please note that that there are many different ways to debunk this claim, and most ways will take you to a new age for example on one place Ibn-e-Hajar says:

“Fatima was born at the time the Ka`bah was rebuilt, when the Prophet was 35 years old she was five years older that Ayesha” (Al-isabah fi tamyizi’l-sahabah, Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani, Vol 4, p 377, Maktabatu’l-Riyadh al-haditha, al-Riyadh, 1978)

It means when Bibi Aisha was born Prophet was 40 years old, we already know that their marriage took place after Hijrah, and that at the time of Hijrah Prophet was 52 years old (or above?), which means that Bibi Aisha was at least 12 years of age at the time of marriage


On one location Al-Tabari writes:

“All four of his [Abu Bakr’s] children were born of his two wives during the pre-Islamic period” (Tarikhul-umam wa’l-mamlu’k, Al-Tabari (died 922), Vol 4, p 50, Arabic, Dara’l-fikr, Beirut, 1979) (also known as Tarikh-ul-Tabari OR History of the Prophets and Kings)


That means Bibi Aisha was born before the first revelation which occured in 610 CE, It doesn’t say if it was one year before first revelation or 5 years or 10 years, it just says “pre-Islamic Period” So we cannot get the exact age but we can safely say that at the time of marriage (which took place after Hijrah (622 CE)) Bibi Aisha was at least 12 years of age or more

All this means that we cannot trust and rely on narrations regarding Bibi Aisha’s age They all are contradicting each other, they are all conflicting


My super-awesome introduction :P

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*coughs* takes the dice *coughs again*

*takes a deep breath*

*eery mic feedback*

I am [someone from crowd coughs: *cough-luhser-cough*]
*takes a deep breath again*

I am Salman Mehmood I I *stammers*  blaag at [spells out]http://[/spells]blog.skdev.net

I’m *coughs* aaaa *thinking to run away quickly* I’m aaa .php mysql developer and I work for a [pronounciation desified]YouEss[/pronounce] based firm
*quickly gulps down half glass of water*

I’m uhhhhhhhhhhh *long pause*

*runs off the stage while almost whispering*: Thank you

Aik Dua


Aye maire rab Pakistan ko nijaat dila

Zalimon ke zulm se,
Jaahilon ke Jahal se,
Kaafron ke Kufr se,
Munafiqon ke Jhoot se,
Makaron ki Makari se,
Qarz ki nahoosat se,
Shirk ki Inteha se,
Walwalon ki kami se,
Jawanon ki Neend se

Pakistan ko nijaat dila, Pakistan ko nijaat dila

Baat naheen ho paati

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Guzar auqaat naheen ho paati
Din say ab raat naheen ho paati

Sari duniya main bus ik tum say hee
Ab mulaqat naheen ho paati

Jo dharakti hay merey dil main kaheen
Ik wohee baat naheen ho paati

Jama karta hoon sar-e-chasham bohat
Phir bhi barsaat naheen ho paati

Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua Banke Tamanna Meri


Lab Pe Aati Hay Dua Banke Tamanna Meri
– Allama Iqbal

Lab pe aati hai dua banke tamanna meri
Zindagi shama ki surat ho khudaya meri

Door duniya ka mere dam se andhera ho jaaye
Har jagah mere chamakne se ujaala ho jaaye

Ho mere dam se yoon hi mere watan ki zeenat
Jis tarah phool se hoti hai chaman ki zeenat

Zindagi ho meri parwaane ki surat ya rab
Ilm ki shama se ho mujhko mohabbat ya rab

Ho mera kaam garibon ki himaayat karna
Dard-mandon se zaiifon se mohabbat karna

Mere Allah buraai se bachaanaa mujhko
Nek jo raah ho us raah pe chalaanaa mujhko


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شائد ہر انسان کی زندگی میں کبھی نا کبھی ایک وقت ایسا آتا ہے، جب اُسّے احساس ہوتا ہے کہ اسکی یادّاشت میں موجود سینکڑوں چہروں میں سے ایک چہرہ ایسا بھی ہے جو اس کو بند آنکھوں سے بھی نظر آتا ہے۔ جو اسوقت بھی قریب نظر آتا ہے جب وہ چہرہ درحقیقت اس سے دور ہو۔ ایک چہرہ جو اسکی گہری نیند کی تاریکی کو بھی چیر کے خوابوں کے پردے پر نظر آتا ہے۔

کچھ لوگوں کی خواہش ہوتی ہے کہ یہ چہرہ آنکھہ کھولنے پر بھی ان کے سامنے ہو۔ ان کے نذدیک ہو۔ اور انہیں اتنی ہی محبت سے دیکھہ رہا ہو جتنی محبت سے وہ اس چہرے کے بارے میں سوچ رہے تھے۔

اِس کے برعکس کچھ لوگ ایسے بھی ہیں جن کے لئے سب سے اہم بس یہ ہوتا ہے کہ یہ چہرہ  جہاں بھی ہو، ان کے پاس ان سے دور، نیند میں ہو یا بیدار، بس خوش ہو۔ بہت خوش ہو۔ اس سے زیادہ نہ تو وہ کچھہ چاہتے ہیں، نا ہی اس سے زیادہ کی کبھی دعا کرتے ہیں۔

مجھے نہیں پتا کے ان دونوں میں سے کون سے لوگ زیادہ بہتر ہیں، وہ جو بس اس چہرے کو خوش دیکھنا چاہتے ہیں، یا وہ جو اس چہرے کو صرف اپنے ساتھہ خوش دیکھنا چاہتے ہیں۔

آپ کیا کہتے ہیں؟


Happy Birthday Facebook

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Yep, it’s Facebook’s 5th Birthday today, and even though I am not a fan of social network sites and I am not really impressed by facebook’s privacy options I still think that they have done a pretty solid job

It’s great to see how they have stick to one theme from beginning till today, it just got improved every day every week every month I was trying to create a slideshow of how they have progressed from 2005 till today but unfortunately ArchiveORG doesn’t store images that were linked inside a css file, so even though they do have all changes recorded in there database but the layout looks all messed up because of that Otherwise it would have been a real good slide to see and observe the changes Hmm

Anyways here is what  Mark Zuckerberg wrote on facebook’s blog:

Tomorrow is Facebook’s 5th birthday This is a happy occasion for Facebook, but much more significant to the Facebook team is the fact that over 150 million people around the world are using Facebook to connect with the people in their lives Facebook was founded in 2004 to give people the tools to engage and understand the world around them We are glad and humbled that so many people are using Facebook in this way

And here is the Facebook’s design evolution gallery that I have ripped from facebook’s about page:


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As I said last time I know how it feels when you want to say something but you can’t, it sucks it sucks big time

Sometimes being an introvert is useful, you save yourself from guaranteed embarrassments, but otherwise it just keeps getting on your nerves

Maybe it’s not that bad for regular folks, but for me it’s very disturbing There are various things that I think I am not good at so I never try them, so I don’t even get to know if I was right about my assumption or not

I always think and re-think and re-think over everything I do, and sometimes most of the time after all that thinking I just don’t feel like doing whatever I was thinking about

There were times when, I wanted to say “oh just shutup”, but instead I smiled and quitely listened But here is the twist, I don’t regret that I think that was one of the best things that this introvert thing gave me it made me a person who can bear criticsm doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative

Appearances can be deceiving, I don’t remember where I read that but I realized that when I first analyzed myself Most of the times when something is happening around me I appear totally unaware of it, but it’s not always true At those times I am thinking, as I said above I am thinking and re-thinking about what should I do, what should I say and then I just won’t do or say whatever I was thinking about

Sometimes I think I am thinking too much (I think I have said that before too) <– see just like that, I keep thinking and re-thinking over what I said, what I will say and it just mess up everything

Khair, I assume it has done more right then wrongs for me, so I am not really trying to change this, but I am trying to improve myself I am trying to be more outspoken, more fluent while conversing

It’s January 2009, I will re-visit this topic later in the year to see how well things are with my tries in this regard 😛