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How to reset wordpress admin password


I am sure there are many ways to do this, but I am going to tell you the one I use, first let me tell you why I suddenly thought about writing this, if you don’t want to find that out please click here (or scroll down) to go directly to read my own preferred way of resetting wordpress admin password by using a simple PHP script

I found this PakBlogger.Com post on How To Reset WordPress Admin Password Via phpMyAdmin It was shared by Awais Naseer of The Gadgets — one of the very few people who I found interesting enough to stalk using my PC & twitter account I thought I should post my comments there but then I realized I could use my own blog to post a correction Why? Oh well for obvious reasons that you all have guessed by now 😛

It’s a very good post, but there is one thing that can be changed to make it even more simple (it reduces one complete step AND a tab) okay let me quote that part first:

Now open a new tab in your browser and go to MD5 hash and write a password and encrypt that to MD5 hash

Step 5: Now copy this encrypted form and in .phpMyAdmin check the box beside your username and click on the pencil icon to edit the entry and replace the password with newly generated md5hash password that you copied

Click on Go to save the changes and you new password is set

Okay now please check the two images I have posted below (click to magnify):


If you follow that step you won’t have to go to any other site to encrypt your password There is no problem with using 3rd party site for that but why use something when you really don’t have too?

My Preferred Way to Reset WP Admin Password:

Well this was for people who have access to .phpMyAdmin, what if you don’t have access to .phpMyAdmin? What if your access is limited to just FTP? I had that problem recently when I was trying to setup a blog at DaCoolSiteCom, a site that I created to raise funds for my awareness campaign “Thalassemia Free Pakistan

Well here is the solution for them:

Step 1: (Screenshot)
Download this file “WordPress: Reset Admin Password Script“, Extract & Upload it in your WordPress directory (it must share the same folder with wp-config.php)

Step 2): (Screenshot)
Open it in your browser (ex: http://yoursitecom/wordpress/reset_pass.php)

Step 3): (Screenshot)
Click on your Username, enter a new password and click submit, your password is updated You can login with your new password now

Step 4): (Screenshot)
For security reasons it is advised to either delete OR rename reset_pass.php on your server

It can’t get simpler than that, no?


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ApniISPCom - Home Page ApniISPCom, an Entertainment Portal + ISP Information website,
one of the top websites in Pakistan having over 18 Favorite and Active Sections easily Crossing 4 Lac visitors mark Daily!

Developed using PHP & mySql, all scripts were customized to suit the sites requirement, due to the heavy traffic all scripts were highly optimized for lesser sql queries and bandwidth consumption
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Ez4u Homepage ez4unet, a free online bookmark manager and organizer for those who have to switch between workstations or desktop computers every now and then

For example someone who uses internet from home and office would want to keep his bookmarks synched, so he can simply export all his bookmarks from his home or work using the simple features given in every browser, and import all of them at once in just 2 clicks!

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Home Page 2SiteCom providing service for users who have a very very long url that they want to share with there friends in emails or forums, blogs etc urls like of mapquest or mapsgoogle.com’s, too huge!

2SiteCom’s offers a way to cut it to a short url such as 2Sitecom/xbcasd OR 2Sitecom/joe, which wont cut in emails and wont look ugly on message boards

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Home Page PakStoreCom, an online cd/dvd shop, with extremely reasonable prices (thats what they claim, not me) specializing in Indian and Pakistani CD’s or DVD’s

With PayPal this site offers its member to register and order any CD or DVD available in their stock, Membership has its own benefits like discounts, promotional offers and alerts on latest available movies

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Home Page HMSteelcom, an online steel trading site, where users can browse through the offers made available to them via site-admin/owner, and contact them as soon as they find something that sparks their interest

apart from that they can also subscribe themself to the site’s mailing list so that they can get periodic alerts for new available offers of their interest!

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Home Page MacabiCigarsCom, is an online cigars shop, selling all types of Cigars and Cigar related accessories like Cutters, Pipes etc Delivers all over the world

Designed by Imtiaz Ahmed, this site design is tightly integrated to X-Cart for the Shopping Cart

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