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sometimes, facebook creeps me out!


facebook creeps me outCreepy, no?

Why is it creepy? Because I never entered where I live so how is it telling me that these people are around 10 miles from me?

I know it’s just for attraction, they might not even be in the same city or they might just be fake names depending on my region to gain user’s attention

But still, it is creepy one of the people it turned up in one of these notifications was actually living in the same area as me

What makes it more creepy is that we are entering way too much information without realizing how much data we have just provided to people who we don’t even know For example when you add people you can add information about where you met them You can enter if they are your siblings, or from your family (or extended family), you can also write where you worked with them or in short where exactly you met them and how

Apart from that I used to wander randomly from profile to profile checking out if they posted any comments on anyone’s photos/pictures/albums This way I could check all those photos without even being a friend of that particular user this means if I add my own pictures and restrict them to me and my friends only, if a friend of mine comment on them other people who are not in my friend list can view that particular picture along with the comments that people gave on that picture,

Pictures should have the settings of “Show only to friends” by default, right now its set to “Show everyone” and you can change it to “Show only to friends” or “Show only to friends and my network”, this way if you don’t know about such settings (most users don’t)  your pictures will be visible to a huge number of people

You can tag people in photos, this means that if you were in a party with friends last night and one of them took pictures and he uses facebook then you will end up on facebook weather you like it or not and if he tags you in the picture that picture will show up in all your friends newsfeeds and your own profile as well


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