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Dil ka Rishta – Yuvraaj (Lyrics)


Yuvvraaj (2008)Title: Dil Ka Rishta
Movie: Yuvvraaj (2008)
Released: 2008
Singer: Sonu Nigam, Roop Kumar Rathod, ARRahman, Clinton,
Suzzanne, Vivienne Pocha, Blaaze, Naresh & Benny
Download: Click here (Don’t try right click and save as, won’t work)

Passion and aggression
Can I leave it somewhere

Dil dil hain dil dil mil jaane de
Passion and aggression
Can I leave it somewhere

Dil ka yeh sikka chal jaane de
Rishta yeh rishta pak jaane

DooorDil se nehin hain hum dooor
Jism alag hi sahi
Ek hi jaan ek noor

Lamba safar umra ka hain
Tanha gujarta nehin
Sar pe agar dhoop na ho
Saya utarta nehin

Rishtey bina hain jis tarah
Saye bina aadmi
Dil ki kissi dori se hain
Bandha hua aadmi

OOunaway,never leave your sould
Slow it down,be sure to carry it too

Passion and aggression
Can I leave it somewhere

Dil ka yeh sikka chul jaane
Rishta yeh rishta pak ja

Passion and aggression
Can I leave it somewhere

Dil dil hain dil dil mil jaane de
Dil dil hain dil dil mil jaane de

Rishta yeh rishta pak jaane de
Dil ka yeh sikka chul jaane de

Rishta yeh rishta pak jaane de
Haste hue jina hain toh,
Ji le kissi ke liya
Tere liye hain zindagi
Tu zindagi ke liye

Tupalke toh utha toh jaara
Rishton ki roshni toh ho
Dil ko jala toh jara

So when you ask
I be your dear brother
Someone who’s always there
To be by your side
Don’t let it pass
It reaaly does does matter
If we never over look back
Here’s what you mean me
I want to smile out
Scream out
I find my stregth
Right here with you
You’re my strenth

DooorDil se nehin hain hum dooor
Jism alag hi sahi
Ek hi jaan ek noor

DooorDil se nehin hain hum dooor
Jism alag hi sahi
Ek hi jaan ek noor

Quaid, Firefighters and us

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This is supposed to be a very short post Because I don’t have much to say
I really hope that I can think of something better and write more but I guess I am not good at this so I will simply include some chat logs

<Wizard> Quaid-e-Azam ki wajah se Pakistan Aazaad howa aur logon ne unhain hee bhula dia
<StoryTeller> He was the leader, but saying he is the sole responsible for our freedom is not true many people sacrificed there lives and even children for Azadi
<Wizard> okay but why do we have to neglect our leader’s birthday?
<StoryTeller> I guess not giving a public holiday is fine but there should be programs and events organized to honor him
<Wizard> Bhai, for 27th they have arranged FREE Bus Ride from anywhere to Larkana everywhere I go people asking “Tum larkana jarahay ho?”, media per har taraf yaheeh hay news channels per news se ziada is din ki baat horahee hay
<Wizard> Who is paying for all that? the tax-payers?
<StoryTeller> But how many actually pay tax?
<Wizard> If they stop wasting tax money on Shadi in PM House and Such events and if people can see that there hard-earned cash is utilized properly THEY WILL PAY TAX
<StoryTeller> nah
<Wizard> Khair that’s not the point the point is that we have neglected the nation’s leader, but we are remembering a martyred party leader in a very huuuge way, Liaquat Ali Khan was martyred as well we don’t remember him like this so why 27 has to be an exception?
<lameKid> and no one talked about several fire fighters who died at Ghakar Plaza sukker
<Wizard> yes, they are the heroes they died while trying to save others
<StoryTeller> but 27 is for remembering a hero too
<Wizard> Yes, but why only 27th Why not 25th, why not salute the heroes of 23rd December? Why not honor those who sacrificed there lives in the three wars?
<StoryTeller> hmm saheeh baat hay yaar
<lameKid> itna kharcha event per kia gaya, media coverage, free bus rides, everything but nothing for heroes of 23rd december, OR Quaid
<lameKid> even jo compensation announce ki gayee hain unhain un ke relatives tak pohanchne main pata naheen kitna time lage, kitne dhakke khane paren unhain
<StoryTeller> pohanche bhi ya naheen who knows
<Wizard> sad

I am not against anything or anyone 27th is definitely for a hero, a great leader but we shouldn’t neglect others as well

There is a song being played by Najam Shiraz on TheMusik etc today most probably it is dedicated to this date it has a line/verse: “Hum koi shahadat bhoolay naheen bhoolay naheen Mitti ki mohabbat bhoolay naheen”

I just wish that it was true


Thalassemia Video


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Wizard’s love interest

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<Miss-J> you are so sweet per tum apna naam kion naheen batate?
<SecretAdmirer> kionke secrets bataye naheen jatay ๐Ÿ™‚
<Miss-J> okay, well I have to leave now
<Miss-J> see you later, okay sweets?
<SecretAdmirer> okay ๐Ÿ™‚ see you
<SecretAdmirer> take cares
<Miss-J> bye
<SecretAdmirer> bye
* Miss- quits (I so wish that you tell me who you are!)
* SecretAdmirer left #chat
* Wizard joins #chat
<lameKid> so baba loveria when you telling javeria?
<Wizard> ussay kia batana hay?
<lameKid> yaheeh ke StoryTeller ussay pasand karta hay?
<Wizard> lol khabees
<StoryTeller> oh yes I love her so much
* StoryTeller quits (Killed by wizard)
<lameKid> pwned! lol
* StoryTeller joins #chat
* Wizard is now known as BabaLoveria
<lameKid> lol
* lameKid is now known as langra-kaddu
<StoryTeller> and that’s how you pwn lamers!

Dasvidaniya (Part 2)

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For sake of those people who haven’t seen the movie yet, I have the post on next page and if you don’t want to find out most of the story in my own weird way of story-telling than trust me you don’t want to click on Read more

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Thinking too much?

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From last few weeks I have this feeling that I am being too hard on myself — ย or I am being very difficult for myself Limits, rules that I created for myself and that I am applying on myself from years are like being impossible to maintain now it’s weird


I enjoy my life, I love my work, I love my family everything is just like it was before so why do I feel different now? I never liked changes, infact I almost hate changes so why I am looking for changes now?

I never waited or wasted my time for anyone or anything which is not productive or which doesn’t helps my work/career/job or monthly goal then why do I waste my time on facebook or msn now? Why do I wait?

I never felt incomplete, so why I feel that I am missing something now?

Maybe, I am thinking too much and over-reacting (Maybe it’s just gas?)

Whatever it is, I am pretty much sure it will be over once I can get my focus back to work