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Dear Diary – 4th Sep, 2009

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Umm hi again,

I am very tired right now (it’s 11:23 PM) I have not been very fortunate with sleep this week But that’s normal Normal for me at least, and maybe normal for Karachian’s as well (hint: KESC) Khair

Talking about KESC, check this out: “Gharelo kachre se gas banana mumkin” (it’s possible to generate electricity from household trash?)

Articles speaks about how a Pakistan engineer has succesfully managed to use a Gas generator to to produce electricity while feeding the generator with a home-made mini Bio gas plant installed on his roof (pretty cool)

Currently, EVERY browser has an issue, Chrome has some site loading issues, Firefox is shit slow, IE 8 new tab take forever WTF?!

above was tweeted by @imhassan :d I think chrome is fine, I don’t see many page-rendering/site-loading issues Firefox is slow – that’s correct, and as some people say “it’s because of the plugins” that’s not true, even the fresh installation of Firefox can be slow It sucks to say that, but it really sucks (yes it really does) The only reason I still use it when required is because of plugins like Firebug & Web-developer

RT @dharmesh 7 Things Your Startup SHOULD Copy From 37signals http://bitly.com/3cmVA

@hameedullah forwarded this tweet, I find it interesting because I use “campfire” – a web-based group chat system which is  a product by “37 Signals” & my boss while talking about a new project always talks about how simple the chat-system is and how simple 37 signals keep their products, and I agree to it I read somewhere that you don’t have to bloat your product with all kinds of featues just remember the KISS mantra (Keep it simple, stupid)

RT @mashable Bitly Launches Jmp to Save You Two Characters http://bitl.y/17tMSQ

@razzman forwarded this tweet by @mashable (yes I don’t follow mashable myself), I have not checked Jmp and I don’t remember if bitly.com has the link preview features that original tiny-url service (tinyurlcom?) had

I think instead of just blindly following what the link’s accompanying text suggests, it’s necessary to know where the link acually leads to Sure you can trust most of those who are in your “followers” or “following” list But what if they have forwarded a link they haven’t checked themselves yet? *yes it’s very common, retweet first, check later* Khair

@imhassan also tweeted (either he tweets too much or his and mine interests are similar hmm)

Video of 747 Supertanker Pilots Risking Life to Fight California’s Mad Fires [Airplanes] http://bitly.com/gTEiJ

Video is awesome obviously, but the comments are like cherry on top:

WrecklessRich: Can you imagine the chicks you could get, “I fly a 747 SuperSoaker, maybe you’ve seen my work on TV
GitEmSteveDave_Galactica1980: Or how you could turn a feminist rally into the worlds largest wet t-shirt contest?!?!

WrecklessRich: Can you imagine the chicks you could get, “I fly a 747 SuperSoaker, maybe you’ve seen my work on TV
GitEmSteveDave_Galactica1980: Or how you could turn a feminist rally into the worlds largest wet t-shirt contest?!?!

@Waisybabu wrote:

Facebook Fan Pages are an amazing way to interact with your readers considering you treat them well 😀

This reminds me when I used to work with DaCoolSite, it was a small site and we didn’t have much interaction but it was fun reading 2-3 comments that we used to get

I think I’ll leave now, it’s 12:06, I have to help in a friends project after I wakeup *hmm*

Should really think about keeping weekends for myself

okay last tweet for today by @RumaisaMohani

Special #FollowFriday for this cyber kid @babariqbal the youngest MCTS,MCP,CIWA,CWNA http://bitly.com/9kt5y #Pakistan Zindabad

What I could quickly say after reading that was “mashaAllah” and then feel really really proud for him, way to go dude

oh and Happy Birthday Talha! (@talhaizhar)

am off now 🙂 Allah Hafiz,


Facebook Can’t Count


Exhibit One – The Home Page showing that I have 48 friend requests (Click to enlarge)


Exhibit Two – The Requests Page showing that I actually have 50 friend requests


Happy Birthday Facebook

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Yep, it’s Facebook’s 5th Birthday today, and even though I am not a fan of social network sites and I am not really impressed by facebook’s privacy options I still think that they have done a pretty solid job

It’s great to see how they have stick to one theme from beginning till today, it just got improved every day every week every month I was trying to create a slideshow of how they have progressed from 2005 till today but unfortunately ArchiveORG doesn’t store images that were linked inside a css file, so even though they do have all changes recorded in there database but the layout looks all messed up because of that Otherwise it would have been a real good slide to see and observe the changes Hmm

Anyways here is what  Mark Zuckerberg wrote on facebook’s blog:

Tomorrow is Facebook’s 5th birthday This is a happy occasion for Facebook, but much more significant to the Facebook team is the fact that over 150 million people around the world are using Facebook to connect with the people in their lives Facebook was founded in 2004 to give people the tools to engage and understand the world around them We are glad and humbled that so many people are using Facebook in this way

And here is the Facebook’s design evolution gallery that I have ripped from facebook’s about page:

For a friend who just took yet another facebook quiz ;d

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Kahan Aake Rukay They Raaste, Kahan Moar Tha, Usse Bhool Jaa,
Woh Jo Mil Gaya Usse Yaad Rakh, Jo Nahi Mila Usse Bhool Jaa,

Woh Tere Naseeb Ki Baarishein Kisi Aur Chhat Pe Baras Gayeen,
Aye Be Khabar Meri Baat Sun, Usse Bhool Jaa, Usse Bhool Jaa,

Jo Bisaat-E-Jaan Hi Ulat Gaya, Woh Jo Raste Mein Palat Gaya,
Usse Rokne Se Haasil Kya, Use Mat Bula Usse Bhool Jaa

sometimes, facebook creeps me out!


facebook creeps me outCreepy, no?

Why is it creepy? Because I never entered where I live so how is it telling me that these people are around 10 miles from me?

I know it’s just for attraction, they might not even be in the same city or they might just be fake names depending on my region to gain user’s attention

But still, it is creepy one of the people it turned up in one of these notifications was actually living in the same area as me

What makes it more creepy is that we are entering way too much information without realizing how much data we have just provided to people who we don’t even know For example when you add people you can add information about where you met them You can enter if they are your siblings, or from your family (or extended family), you can also write where you worked with them or in short where exactly you met them and how

Apart from that I used to wander randomly from profile to profile checking out if they posted any comments on anyone’s photos/pictures/albums This way I could check all those photos without even being a friend of that particular user this means if I add my own pictures and restrict them to me and my friends only, if a friend of mine comment on them other people who are not in my friend list can view that particular picture along with the comments that people gave on that picture,

Pictures should have the settings of “Show only to friends” by default, right now its set to “Show everyone” and you can change it to “Show only to friends” or “Show only to friends and my network”, this way if you don’t know about such settings (most users don’t)  your pictures will be visible to a huge number of people

You can tag people in photos, this means that if you were in a party with friends last night and one of them took pictures and he uses facebook then you will end up on facebook weather you like it or not and if he tags you in the picture that picture will show up in all your friends newsfeeds and your own profile as well

Funny Videos (#1)

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Facebook Song:

Facebook Skit:

Talented Dog

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* StoryTeller is now known as ST-Sad
<lameKid> hmm, why sad?
<ST-Sad> remember the novel I was working on?
<lameKid> yeah
<ST-Sad> well I completed it a few hours ago and I was going to send it to my editor
<lameKid> so? what that has to do with your being sad?
<ST-Sad> kha gaya 🙁
<lameKid> huh?
<lameKid> OH!! serious?
<ST-Sad> yeah 🙁
<Wizard> you know, there is an upside to this story as well
<ST-Sad> my month’s hard-work just got eaten by my wife’s dog!! what possibly could you see as upside in this story!!
<Wizard> well your dog is a very good editor, isn’t that great? :>
<lameKid> loooool now that’s rude
<Wizard> yeah but this guarantees that it will end up on facebook 😛
<lameKid> lol

serious thought?

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<lameKid> yaar yeh larkian jab apni photos daalti hain, to saath saath apni sahailion ki bhi photos daal deti hain
<Wizard> where?
<StoryTeller> where?
<lameKid> tharkion, I meant on facebook
<Wizard> acha kaunsi larki
<StoryTeller> Link please
<lameKid> lol
<lameKid> but seriously, unmain se kuch ko to pata bhi naheen hota khwa makhwa unki private photos public hogayeen
<StoryTeller> yeah yeah, link?
<lameKid> see that’s what I mean!!
<Wizard> you are right actually, now that I think about it, it’s kind of disturbing
<lameKid> I am sure he wanted to say “link?” again
<StoryTeller> naheen yaar waqai this is weird that is kind of unethical don’t you think? most even don’t take permissions before uploading their friends pictures
<Wizard> yeah
<StoryTeller> yeah
<lameKid> http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=[censored]&id=[censored]
<Wizard> ST kaha tha na, issay thori dair achay se baat karo to khud hi link dedeta hay 😀
<StoryTeller> 😛
<lameKid> err nevermind