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User 1: I’ve never had a reason to be concerned about click fraud on my site and I’ve been in the AdSense program since it began four years ago
User 2: I’ve been driving a car for 30 years and never been in a head-on collision Apparently, all this talk about air bags is a load of hooey 🙂


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<Wizard> Yaar, I was wondering
<StoryTeller> me too
<lameKid> me three
<Wizard> shaap, let me complete
<StoryTeller> bako bako
<Wizard> I was wondering, SK never wishes anyone on birthdays, eid, etc
<lameKid> so?
<Wizard> I mean it’s weird
<StoryTeller> well now that you mention it he never said “Congrats” when I got married
<Wizard> Yeah but that’s obvious, whats not obvious is that he never said “aah, well best of luck” to you when you get married
<StoryTeller> lame joke :/
<lameKid> hah no need to hide ST you so want to say ell oh ell 😛
<StoryTeller> tujhay to acha lagega hee [translate: You will obviously like it]
<StoryTeller> tere nick main hee lame hay [translate: Your nickname has LAME written all over it]
<Wizard> Yeah but seriously, shadi ke lye “congrats” banta hee naheen
<lameKid> “Sorry, I didn’t know” banta hay ST ki shadi per to 😛
<StoryTeller> tumhari bhabhi idher hee hay dhian se
<lameKid> so you agree? 😛
<Wizard> he has no issues with that!? lol
<Wizard> that must get to bhabhi now lol
<lameKid> sending SMS now
<lameKid> “bhabhi read ST’s screen – LK” 😛
<lameKid> SMS sent
<Wizard> oh boy this ought to prove interesting
* lameKid quits (Killed by StoryTeller)
* StoryTeller (Quit: Wizard marwa dia k)

One million dollar question

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Not only winning, but winning in style

PS If you notice this was the first lifeline he used!! so he crossed 15 questions without actually any help!

Airplane Repair Logs

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Some entries from the mechanics’ logs of repairs done on airplanes:

Discrepancy: “Left inside main tire almost needs replacement”
Corrective Action: “Almost replaced left inside main tire”

Discrepancy: “Test flight OK, except autoland very rough”
Corrective Action: “Autoland not installed on this aircraft”

Discrepancy: “Something loose in cockpit”
Corrective Action: “Something tightened in cockpit”

Discrepancy: “Evidence of hydraulic leak on right main landing gear”
Corrective Action: “Evidence removed”

Gola Ganda

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<StoryTeller> Did you guys hear?
<lameKid> ST, when will you learn? we are thousands mile apart, and we are on text-based IRC we can’t hear what you are hearing right now
<StoryTeller> abay gadhay
<lameKid> badtameezi na karo, bhabhi ko email kardene hain tumhare logs
<Wizard> gola ganda anyone?
<StoryTeller> what’s a gola ganda?
<lameKid> you don’t know gola ganda?
<StoryTeller> no
<Wizard> pehle aik gandi dandi lo
<Wizard> uspe baraf ka gola bana ke lagao
<Wizard> phir sachrine wali teen chaar sharbatain dalo usper
<Wizard> aur aakhir main woh yellow wali thick see cheez
<lameKid> err I just lost my apetite
<lameKid> comelle :@
<Wizard> kia comelle?
<lameKid> that yellow wali thick see cheez is called Comelle!! err brb
<Wizard> what what did I say?
<StoryTeller> well not much, but that description is surely enough to convince people
<Wizard> convince about what?
<lameKid> that you are a WEIRDO!
<StoryTeller> yaheeh ke tum weirdo ho
<lameKid> jinxed! lol
<StoryTeller> stop watching disney tv lamer :p

Wizard’s love interest

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<Miss-J> you are so sweet per tum apna naam kion naheen batate?
<SecretAdmirer> kionke secrets bataye naheen jatay 🙂
<Miss-J> okay, well I have to leave now
<Miss-J> see you later, okay sweets?
<SecretAdmirer> okay 🙂 see you
<SecretAdmirer> take cares
<Miss-J> bye
<SecretAdmirer> bye
* Miss- quits (I so wish that you tell me who you are!)
* SecretAdmirer left #chat
* Wizard joins #chat
<lameKid> so baba loveria when you telling javeria?
<Wizard> ussay kia batana hay?
<lameKid> yaheeh ke StoryTeller ussay pasand karta hay?
<Wizard> lol khabees
<StoryTeller> oh yes I love her so much
* StoryTeller quits (Killed by wizard)
<lameKid> pwned! lol
* StoryTeller joins #chat
* Wizard is now known as BabaLoveria
<lameKid> lol
* lameKid is now known as langra-kaddu
<StoryTeller> and that’s how you pwn lamers!

Funny Video (#2)

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Social Profiles:

[lyrics]The years are going by so fast it really is bewilderin’
And we’ll be so-called “grown ups” and have mortgages and children
I hope we all gain worldliness, and wisdom, maturity
But I hope most of all that MySpace falls into obscurity

I hope our profiles all go dead, entombed in distant servers
A monument of your youth, although lacking its observers
Your page will be an empty shell, when no one is behind it
I hope your MySpace stays forever – and I hope that your kids find it

How I hope that you forget your MySpace
I hope it slips completely from your mind
And I hope it stays up long enough for the next generation to find
And I hope that it embarrasses your children
I hope their bratty friends all forward it around
And I hope that you forget your password
So you cannot take it down

If your kids think you vaguely square, it will be so much clearer
When they laugh at the pictures you took in your bathroom mirror
And all the bands you listen to, your kids will be exposin’
“Who is this Soulja Boy you reference, who’s ‘Uh Oh Explosion’?”

They’ll marvel at how old you are, they’ll “rofl” at your outfits
Your tastes may pass as “vintage” in the future – but I doubt it

I hope your cynical kids say, “Holy crap, this is great
these comments date all the way back to 2008”
I hope they dig through your pictures, and find some we might call compromising
I hope that seeing young Mom in a swimsuit or smoking a hookah isn’t too traumatizing
But it will be past their comprehension
They’ll ask “Did Grandpa not give you enough attention?”

[insert rocking out here]

They might poke at your top 8 friends, read your comments at the most
I only wish that they could see the inane bulletins you post[/lyrics]

Funny Videos (#1)

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Facebook Song:

Facebook Skit:

MSN and Personal Message

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So few days ago I was listening to this new song by Ahmed Jahanzeb “Chandni Raat Main” and I really liked it
While listening to the song I just entered two words from that song “Ghazab Hogaya” in my personal message, don’t really know why but suddenly people started messaging me “kia howa? [translation: what happened?]”

I received 114 messages that night regarding my personal message, after a few first messages I started replying by saying “You read my PERSONAL message, ghazab hogaya!!”, obviously it was funny and weird for me

Why funny and weird? because I don’t remember if I ever read anyone’s display name or personal message, and I think I was expecting that most people are like me, if only few had messaged me it wouldn’t have been a surprise but 114 is a huuuuuuuuuuuge number, don’t you think?

Some people said that they asked because they were concerned if I was well and everything was right, but before that day I had “*not interested*” in my personal message, and people were asking about that as well why would *not interested* raise any alarms? ;d

Today I have *Don’t know, Don’t care* in my personal message lets see how many people ask about this one (13 already btw)

I will update this post later to include that song’s lyrics (why will I post them here? because I liked it and it’s my blog :P)

Update 1:
Click here for Lyrics of Chandni Raat Main from Album Laut Aao by Ahmed Jahanzeb



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Okay first, let me clear this that I don’t mean any offence or disrespect to the legendary Alamgir or his fans by posting these logs here

<Wizard> Hey, I just saw that guy “Dekha na tha” on The Musik
<StoryTeller> I just saw that guy dekha na tha?
<Wizard> oh yaar I mean the guy who sang Dekha na tha kabhi hamne yeh samaa
<lameKid> he means he saw Alamgay on The Musik with Shallum, Gumby, Immu and Khalid
<StoryTeller> Gumby the cartoon character?
<lameKid> err ST Gumby the DRUMMER
<Wizard> rightttt Alamgir
<lameKid> Alamgay
<StoryTeller> bachay side main betho, tum apni age se bohat agay ki batain karne lage ho
<lameKid> nah he is gay, what’s so bad about saying that? it’s just a fact 
<Wizard> and how do you know that 😛
<lameKid> uh
* lameKid left #chat
<StoryTeller> haha, phans gaya
<Wizard> it’s so easy to diss him lol