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Wizard’s love interest

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<Miss-J> you are so sweet per tum apna naam kion naheen batate?
<SecretAdmirer> kionke secrets bataye naheen jatay 🙂
<Miss-J> okay, well I have to leave now
<Miss-J> see you later, okay sweets?
<SecretAdmirer> okay 🙂 see you
<SecretAdmirer> take cares
<Miss-J> bye
<SecretAdmirer> bye
* Miss- quits (I so wish that you tell me who you are!)
* SecretAdmirer left #chat
* Wizard joins #chat
<lameKid> so baba loveria when you telling javeria?
<Wizard> ussay kia batana hay?
<lameKid> yaheeh ke StoryTeller ussay pasand karta hay?
<Wizard> lol khabees
<StoryTeller> oh yes I love her so much
* StoryTeller quits (Killed by wizard)
<lameKid> pwned! lol
* StoryTeller joins #chat
* Wizard is now known as BabaLoveria
<lameKid> lol
* lameKid is now known as langra-kaddu
<StoryTeller> and that’s how you pwn lamers!


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Okay first, let me clear this that I don’t mean any offence or disrespect to the legendary Alamgir or his fans by posting these logs here

<Wizard> Hey, I just saw that guy “Dekha na tha” on The Musik
<StoryTeller> I just saw that guy dekha na tha?
<Wizard> oh yaar I mean the guy who sang Dekha na tha kabhi hamne yeh samaa
<lameKid> he means he saw Alamgay on The Musik with Shallum, Gumby, Immu and Khalid
<StoryTeller> Gumby the cartoon character?
<lameKid> err ST Gumby the DRUMMER
<Wizard> rightttt Alamgir
<lameKid> Alamgay
<StoryTeller> bachay side main betho, tum apni age se bohat agay ki batain karne lage ho
<lameKid> nah he is gay, what’s so bad about saying that? it’s just a fact 
<Wizard> and how do you know that 😛
<lameKid> uh
* lameKid left #chat
<StoryTeller> haha, phans gaya
<Wizard> it’s so easy to diss him lol


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<lameKid> Feel the rain on your skin
<lameKid> No one else can feel it for you
<lameKid> Only you can let it in
<lameKid> No one else, no one else
<Wizard> yaheeh song Head and Shoulders ke shampoo main bhi hay na?
<lameKid> lol haan, but it’s Natasha Bedingfield’s song “Unwritten”
<Wizard> Unwritten? agar unwritten hay to already ad main kaise araha hay?
<Wizard> aur tumhain kaise lyrics pata hain?
<lameKid> lamer, song ka title hay
<Wizard> oh acha acha
<StoryTeller> waise roaz shampoo naheen karna chahye
<lameKid> yeah yeah, tum to yaheeh kahoge
<StoryTeller> abay you don’t even know what I was going to say
<lameKid> aur kia kahoge? bus “baal kharab hojate hain”
<StoryTeller> nopes
<lameKid> dry hojate hain?
<StoryTeller> nopes
<lameKid> kamzoar hojate hain, girne lagte hain?
<StoryTeller> nopes
<lameKid> okay haar mani :S
<Wizard> kionke roaz shampoo karne se shampoo jaldi khatam hojata hay aur kharcha barh jata hay 😛
<StoryTeller> haha right on
* Wizard hifi’s StoryTeller
<lameKid> LAME-ERR
<Wizard> not really, we are just being memon 😛

Talented Dog

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* StoryTeller is now known as ST-Sad
<lameKid> hmm, why sad?
<ST-Sad> remember the novel I was working on?
<lameKid> yeah
<ST-Sad> well I completed it a few hours ago and I was going to send it to my editor
<lameKid> so? what that has to do with your being sad?
<ST-Sad> kha gaya 🙁
<lameKid> huh?
<lameKid> OH!! serious?
<ST-Sad> yeah 🙁
<Wizard> you know, there is an upside to this story as well
<ST-Sad> my month’s hard-work just got eaten by my wife’s dog!! what possibly could you see as upside in this story!!
<Wizard> well your dog is a very good editor, isn’t that great? :>
<lameKid> loooool now that’s rude
<Wizard> yeah but this guarantees that it will end up on facebook 😛
<lameKid> lol

serious thought?

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<lameKid> yaar yeh larkian jab apni photos daalti hain, to saath saath apni sahailion ki bhi photos daal deti hain
<Wizard> where?
<StoryTeller> where?
<lameKid> tharkion, I meant on facebook
<Wizard> acha kaunsi larki
<StoryTeller> Link please
<lameKid> lol
<lameKid> but seriously, unmain se kuch ko to pata bhi naheen hota khwa makhwa unki private photos public hogayeen
<StoryTeller> yeah yeah, link?
<lameKid> see that’s what I mean!!
<Wizard> you are right actually, now that I think about it, it’s kind of disturbing
<lameKid> I am sure he wanted to say “link?” again
<StoryTeller> naheen yaar waqai this is weird that is kind of unethical don’t you think? most even don’t take permissions before uploading their friends pictures
<Wizard> yeah
<StoryTeller> yeah
<lameKid> http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=[censored]&id=[censored]
<Wizard> ST kaha tha na, issay thori dair achay se baat karo to khud hi link dedeta hay 😀
<StoryTeller> 😛
<lameKid> err nevermind

Baba Meerasi From IRC

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<Wizard> Aitebar Bhi, Aa Hi Jaye Ga
<Wizard> Milo To Sahi, Raasta Koi
<Wizard> Mil Hi Jaye Ga, Chalo To Sahi
<Wizard> Chalo To Sahi
<Wizard> Aitebar Bhi Aa Hi Jaye Ga, Aa Hi Jaye Ga
<Wizard> Dhoop Mein Khada, Jal Raha Hoon Main
<Wizard> Saaya Do Mujhay, Yeh Mera Junoo’n
<Wizard> Yeh Meri Jalan, Hai Meri Saza
<Wizard> Meri Yeh Thakan, Keh Rahi Hai Kya
<Wizard> Suno To Sahi Suno To Sahi
<Wizard> Aitebar Bhi, Aa Hi Jaye Ga, Aa Hi Jaye Ga
<Wizard> Kya Hua Agar, Zindagi Zara
<Wizard> Khul Si Gai, Socho To Zara
<Wizard> Jungalon Main Bhi, Raastay To Hain
<Wizard> Humain Bhi Koi, Mil Hi Jaye Ga
<Wizard> Chalo To Sahi, Chalo To Sahi
<Wizard> Pyar Yaar Bhi, Ho Hi Jaye Ga
<Wizard> Milo To Sahi, Raasta Koi
<Wizard> Mil Hi Jaye Ga, Chalo To Sahi, Chalo To Sahi
<Wizard> Aitebar Bhi, Aa Hi Jaye Ga, Aa Hi Jaye Ga
<lameKid> wow no one ever said something like this to me
<lameKid> *blush*
* Wizard is now known as Meerasi4mIRC (forcefully updated by StoryTeller)
<StoryTeller> BabaMeerasi FromIRC 😛
<lameKid> How you do that!!
* lameKid is now known as langraKaddu (again forcefully updated by StoryTeller)
<Meerasi4mIRC> manhoos!

* forcefully updated by StoryTeller:
StoryTeller has more access than both Wizard and lameKid, so he can do a lot of different things like changing nickname of another user, making them join or leave a channel (without user’s consent or intervention, which seems un-ethical but it’s mainly used for enforcing rules on abusive users)

no-buddy cares cares

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* StoryTeller joins #random
<StoryTeller> Guess what! I was watching Madagascar, it’s a greaat movie
<StoryTeller> We like to move it move it, You like to move it move it!
<Wizard> Why don’t you quit it quit it, why don’t you quit it quit it!
<lameKid> No-buddy care’s care’s, No-buddy cares cares!
<Wizard> lol
<StoryTeller> Aray, but seriously dekhna zaroor
<Wizard> let me quote “No-buddy cares cares, No-buddy cares cares!”

once upon a time


<StoryTeller> Yeh kahani sun
<Wizard> suna
<lameKid> aati kia khandala?
<StoryTeller> lameKid: chup karo bachay yeh serious kahani hay
<StoryTeller> To teen bhai thay
<Wizard> acha
<StoryTeller> Teenon main be-misaal mohabbat thi
<Wizard> interesting, phir?
<StoryTeller> Phir unmain se aik ki shaadi hogayee
<Wizard> aah twist
<StoryTeller> The End
<lameKid> lol

Wizard contributed to this story after a few moments of silence, but it all got censored 😛