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Phir uske baad Katib Nay Faqat

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Phir uske baad Katib Nay Faqat Likha “Judai” aur
Yunh haathon se miray, yeh haath tumhare choot jatay hain

Baat naheen ho paati

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Guzar auqaat naheen ho paati
Din say ab raat naheen ho paati

Sari duniya main bus ik tum say hee
Ab mulaqat naheen ho paati

Jo dharakti hay merey dil main kaheen
Ik wohee baat naheen ho paati

Jama karta hoon sar-e-chasham bohat
Phir bhi barsaat naheen ho paati


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As I said last time I know how it feels when you want to say something but you can’t, it sucks it sucks big time

Sometimes being an introvert is useful, you save yourself from guaranteed embarrassments, but otherwise it just keeps getting on your nerves

Maybe it’s not that bad for regular folks, but for me it’s very disturbing There are various things that I think I am not good at so I never try them, so I don’t even get to know if I was right about my assumption or not

I always think and re-think and re-think over everything I do, and sometimes most of the time after all that thinking I just don’t feel like doing whatever I was thinking about

There were times when, I wanted to say “oh just shutup”, but instead I smiled and quitely listened But here is the twist, I don’t regret that I think that was one of the best things that this introvert thing gave me it made me a person who can bear criticsm doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative

Appearances can be deceiving, I don’t remember where I read that but I realized that when I first analyzed myself Most of the times when something is happening around me I appear totally unaware of it, but it’s not always true At those times I am thinking, as I said above I am thinking and re-thinking about what should I do, what should I say and then I just won’t do or say whatever I was thinking about

Sometimes I think I am thinking too much (I think I have said that before too) <– see just like that, I keep thinking and re-thinking over what I said, what I will say and it just mess up everything

Khair, I assume it has done more right then wrongs for me, so I am not really trying to change this, but I am trying to improve myself I am trying to be more outspoken, more fluent while conversing

It’s January 2009, I will re-visit this topic later in the year to see how well things are with my tries in this regard 😛


Thank you Blood Donors :)


To all friends of FAiTh (Fight Against Thalassemia) Foundation:

We’d like to thank everyone – donors, volunteers, recruiters – who helped with our blood drive

Unfortunately, we fell 51 pints short of our goal of 100 pints However, the 49 pints of blood we did collect will help patients who need them Although we didn’t reach our goal, we had 50% of first-time donors, and they usually become regular donors And we’re confident that at the next drive, we’ll not only meet but exceed our drive goal Please feel free to pass on any comments about the donation process to Salman Mehmood (03323080461)

In the end I am including our donors list here, maybe it will motivate others to donate blood next time 🙂

  1. Saleem Sheikh
  2. Mutee-Ur-Rehman
  3. Abdul Haseeb
  4. Abdul Hameed Kath
  5. Mrs Sehrish
  6. Mairaj Bostan
  7. Navara Afridi Malik Meer
  8. Rameez Abbas
  9. Muneeb Khaliq
  10. Yasir Aslam
  11. Noman Rafiq
  12. Waqar Ibrahim
  13. Yaseen Munshi
  14. Khurram A Hameed
  15. Qasim Qarar
  16. Talha Khan
  17. Mustufa Razzak
  18. Roshan Allah Bux
  19. Faizan Manzoor Ahmed
  20. Umar Farooque
  21. M Sharique
  22. Saad Saleem
  23. Saad Ahmed
  24. Ali Raza Khan
  25. Waqas Saeed
  26. Fawad Afridi
  27. M Saleem Mohammad
  28. Mohsin Adhi
  29. Ahmed Rafiq
  30. Umar Khan Sikander
  31. Shoaib Hussain
  32. Abid
  33. A Basit M Ilyas
  34. Sohail Ahmed
  35. Salik M Iqbal
  36. Fahad A Ghafoor
  37. Marjan Khayal Noor
  38. Faheem A Qadir
  39. M Ali M Shafi
  40. Azhar Afridi
  41. Salma A Sattar
  42. Muzammil Asghar Ali
  43. Abu Bakar
  44. Muhammad Asif Yahya
  45. Muneer Khan Meera Jan
  46. Sagheer M Hussain
  47. A Ghani A Sattar
  48. Muneer Ahmed
  49. Tariq Baig

I can’t forget to mention few people who really wanted to donate blood but doctors refused them because they had donated blood in last 2-3 months

  • Farman Ahmed
  • Major Faisal

Again, many thanks for helping to boost the blood supply for Thalassemic Patients

Salman Mehmood

Good News :]

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My job just got confirmed


oh and Happy New Year 🙂

Random rant

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[rant]I knew ke aisa hee hoga per shayad main khud bhi yaheeh chahta tha ke aisay na ho main chahta tha ke is baar main ghalat sabit hoon aur main abhi bhi chahta hoon ke meri intuitions ghalat sabit hoon

kion? kionke wohee behter hoga maire lye sab kelye per mujhay naheen lagta ke main ghalat sabit honga

it will be very difficult but not impossible, but everyone of us would say after a few months “only if it hasn’t happened, only if it was avoidable” but today’s fact is it’s not avoidable it cannot be ignored

I so wish that this is solved in a nice and comfortable manner but it’s hard to see how

I thought if he was alive today he would’ve managed this without any problems this makes me feel more bad about this situation I can’t manage it myself I can’t control, I can’t confront I have never been bothered by the “weak” feel that comes from inside whenever I have to see such issue but this might be the first issue that I have to manage myself and this weakening is unbearable[/rant]

2008 – Overview

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2008 is definitely a better year than 2007

Everything that happened this year, without descriptions and explanations:

  1. Moved to a new location (new home)
  2. My Fight Against Thalassemia (FAiTh) foundation got awarded on Blood Donors Day
  3. Job!!
  4. Successfully avoided hospitalization 😀
  5. Started DaCoolSite
  6. Left IRC for good!
  7. Returned some parts of the debt on my family
  8. Ditched AKUH and returned to Fatimid :p
  9. Started Blogging

I will update this post if I remember some more things so yeah This was definitely a better year



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Home Page Thalassemia, is a genetic blood disorder, and this website is for a Thalassemia Support Group called FAiTh, Fight Aainst Thalassemia It features all the information a thalassemic and his/her family should know From recent Thal-Events, to News, and Research Material everything is available there for free

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