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I want to make money from home


Many people ask me about how do I get work, where do I find work, and how can they earn from home, so I will try to answer them in this post, First let me tell you about myself:

I used to find/get work from RAC (RentaCoder.Com), I did my first project on RAC back in September 2005, I got only one dollar from that project (I actually submitted 4$ as the bid amount, but RAC deducted 3$ of their ‘fees’)

Well, after that project I did some more tiny project for 10$, 15$, 20$, once I had good rankings and testimonials I started submitting bids on bigger projects, then I got projects for as low as 90$ and as high as 600$

In September 2006, Two of my frequent clients on RAC contacted me outside RAC and we started working outside RAC Since then I have only done 4-6 projects on RAC You can click here to see my RAC profile

Right now I have a permanent job at DirectorsAdvantage one of the clients I found & worked with on RAC I was working with him as a free-lancer since July 2006, and as a full-time employee since October 2008

Oh I forgot to say that I am a PHP/mySQL Web-Developer from Karachi, Pakistan

So that was about me, now for you guys I don’t know many ways to earn from home, or even if I do know some I am not sure if they work or how they work So I am going to write about the things that I have tried myself and have succeeded

  1. Rent a Coder, the one I talked above, this was the most successful one I will write a detailed post about who can use RAC and how to use RAC next (after this one I mean)
  2. Blogging, I had very little luck with this, but then again I have not tried sincerely enough ;d (Read Light Within blog for more info)
  3. Entertainment Website, Maybe the most difficult, I have not earned myself much from entertainment websites But I know people who are earning from them I have worked with ApniISP so I know the basics You just have to give the freshest hottest content before everyone else Keep updated with the news, something’s happening like Prime Minister Gilani’s Speech, Upload it first on your site, and share it quickly using Twitter, Facebook, DIGG etc, Some cool new song just got released? You already have the video? oh wow UPLOAD

I have only tried these three, but seriously speaking if you have some skills that can be used on projects available at RAC, you should go with that it’s way easier to earn by doing what you already know, and then again Blogs OR Websites can be created and kept updated in your leisure time You can give it 2 to 3 hours (or even more) daily no?

Please stay tuned to find out what you need to know to work with RentACoder, and I will also write about a few things about RAC that I learned ‘the hard way’ (by losing real money I mean)

Comments & Feedback will be highly appreciated and will also motivate me to write on this subject more


(Please note: I am not affiliated with Rent A Coder, I have used their serviecs as a coder only, and I will not be getting any benefit by sending you guys to Rent A Coder except for maybe some duayen from people who will find it very useful and fruitful)


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ApniISPCom - Home Page ApniISPCom, an Entertainment Portal + ISP Information website,
one of the top websites in Pakistan having over 18 Favorite and Active Sections easily Crossing 4 Lac visitors mark Daily!

Developed using PHP & mySql, all scripts were customized to suit the sites requirement, due to the heavy traffic all scripts were highly optimized for lesser sql queries and bandwidth consumption
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Home Page Liening has never been easier or faster with the introduction of ExpressLienCom – a new online service for contractors and material suppliersNow, from the convenience of their home or office, contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers can now lien a project by simply filling out an online questionairre and paying a modest fee with any major credit card The lien is produced by ExpressLien and filed within 3 working days!

ExpressLien will be shortly expanding to other jurisdictions, but for now is only available in Louisiana

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Ez4u Homepage ez4unet, a free online bookmark manager and organizer for those who have to switch between workstations or desktop computers every now and then

For example someone who uses internet from home and office would want to keep his bookmarks synched, so he can simply export all his bookmarks from his home or work using the simple features given in every browser, and import all of them at once in just 2 clicks!

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Home Page 2SiteCom providing service for users who have a very very long url that they want to share with there friends in emails or forums, blogs etc urls like of mapquest or mapsgoogle.com’s, too huge!

2SiteCom’s offers a way to cut it to a short url such as 2Sitecom/xbcasd OR 2Sitecom/joe, which wont cut in emails and wont look ugly on message boards

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Home Page Thalassemia, is a genetic blood disorder, and this website is for a Thalassemia Support Group called FAiTh, Fight Aainst Thalassemia It features all the information a thalassemic and his/her family should know From recent Thal-Events, to News, and Research Material everything is available there for free

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Home Page PakStoreCom, an online cd/dvd shop, with extremely reasonable prices (thats what they claim, not me) specializing in Indian and Pakistani CD’s or DVD’s

With PayPal this site offers its member to register and order any CD or DVD available in their stock, Membership has its own benefits like discounts, promotional offers and alerts on latest available movies

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Home Page NasaComputers situated in Karachi, provides various computer services to public and private sectors in Karachi and nearby cities

Their services includes hardware support, hardware supplies (from Computers, Laptops to modem, display adapters and hard-drives), establishing network designs, and/or implementing network designs

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Home Page HMSteelcom, an online steel trading site, where users can browse through the offers made available to them via site-admin/owner, and contact them as soon as they find something that sparks their interest

apart from that they can also subscribe themself to the site’s mailing list so that they can get periodic alerts for new available offers of their interest!

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Home page Hussain Leather Craft, or HLC for short is an expansion company for the very old and very established Bombal Hussain Group, the leading importers of leather in Pakistan since 1962, in 1998 they created HLC, their own Manufacturing plant

Site’s layout is pretty basic but it took approximately 2 months to complete, because the client didn’t liked the designs I made for them, the design that got selected was the sixth design!

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