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Pakistan to require premarital blood screening

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* Draft of law suggests Rs 50,000-100,000 fine, 6 month-one year jail for violators
By Afnan Khan

LAHORE: The National Assembly may soon introduce legislation regarding pre-marital blood screening to control the spread of HIV/AIDS, Thalassemia, Hepatitis and other diseases that are transmitted through genetic abnormalities; blood transmission; and sexual relations, sources within the National Assembly said on Tuesday

They said the government would impose stern punishment to enforce the law, which would be binding on every Pakistani couple The punishments would range from a fine of Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000; six months to a year’s imprisonment; or both Parliament is also planning on adding a provision to the law to collect the medical history of all Pakistanis deported from foreign countries, especially the Middle East, upon their arrival at airports The sources said this was necessary as many people are deported from Middle Eastern countries after being found positive for HIV, hepatitis C, etc Such people rarely inform the government or their families of these conditions to escape stigma and can thus spread the infections, they added

The parliamentary sources said the law would be implemented through the thousands of basic health units (BHUs) functioning throughout the country They said the officials working in these BHUs to keep a check on people violating the law

The Standing Committee for Health in the National Assembly is due to meet today (Wednesday) to discuss the final timetable for placement of the bill before parliament and conduct a final debate on its pros and cons According to committee Chairman Yasmeen Rehman, they would also discuss the issue of spurious drugs; shortage of life-saving medicine; and the high prices of medicines being sold by multinational companies

She told Daily Times the committee had already drawn up the outline and major clauses of pre-marital blood screening law She said passage of this law would ensure the safety of future generations from several deadly diseases

Source: Daily Times

Fatimid Foundation’s Blood Donor Form


Few days ago when I asked one of my friends why he didn’t come to our blood camp he said because he (and his friends) don’t trust Fatimid

He told me that Fatimid Foundation arranges a blood camp at their university regularly He and all his friends used to donate there But at one occasion one of the colleagues sister was sick and needed blood so they visited Fatimid showed there donation receipts and asked for a bag of blood But Fatimid Foundation refused and said they can’t give them blood

Well so long story short they don’t trust Fatimid and they cannot donate blood for Fatimid Foundation

I was a little busy at that time so I couldn’t respond but I did say that they have to fulfill their patients requirement and they have stopped new patient registrations just because they were not getting enough blood for patients then how will they give blood to others? It’s not a blood camp blood bank after all

Anyways I found this written on Fatimid Foundation’s Blood Donor form which they require you to fill and SIGN before you donate at any of there camp, even it’s a road-side camp, it says “DONOR’S CONSENT – I want to donate blood voluntarily for the patients of Fatimid Foundation, & will not be entitled to claim any exchange for my donation”


Thank you Blood Donors :)


To all friends of FAiTh (Fight Against Thalassemia) Foundation:

We’d like to thank everyone – donors, volunteers, recruiters – who helped with our blood drive

Unfortunately, we fell 51 pints short of our goal of 100 pints However, the 49 pints of blood we did collect will help patients who need them Although we didn’t reach our goal, we had 50% of first-time donors, and they usually become regular donors And we’re confident that at the next drive, we’ll not only meet but exceed our drive goal Please feel free to pass on any comments about the donation process to Salman Mehmood (03323080461)

In the end I am including our donors list here, maybe it will motivate others to donate blood next time 🙂

  1. Saleem Sheikh
  2. Mutee-Ur-Rehman
  3. Abdul Haseeb
  4. Abdul Hameed Kath
  5. Mrs Sehrish
  6. Mairaj Bostan
  7. Navara Afridi Malik Meer
  8. Rameez Abbas
  9. Muneeb Khaliq
  10. Yasir Aslam
  11. Noman Rafiq
  12. Waqar Ibrahim
  13. Yaseen Munshi
  14. Khurram A Hameed
  15. Qasim Qarar
  16. Talha Khan
  17. Mustufa Razzak
  18. Roshan Allah Bux
  19. Faizan Manzoor Ahmed
  20. Umar Farooque
  21. M Sharique
  22. Saad Saleem
  23. Saad Ahmed
  24. Ali Raza Khan
  25. Waqas Saeed
  26. Fawad Afridi
  27. M Saleem Mohammad
  28. Mohsin Adhi
  29. Ahmed Rafiq
  30. Umar Khan Sikander
  31. Shoaib Hussain
  32. Abid
  33. A Basit M Ilyas
  34. Sohail Ahmed
  35. Salik M Iqbal
  36. Fahad A Ghafoor
  37. Marjan Khayal Noor
  38. Faheem A Qadir
  39. M Ali M Shafi
  40. Azhar Afridi
  41. Salma A Sattar
  42. Muzammil Asghar Ali
  43. Abu Bakar
  44. Muhammad Asif Yahya
  45. Muneer Khan Meera Jan
  46. Sagheer M Hussain
  47. A Ghani A Sattar
  48. Muneer Ahmed
  49. Tariq Baig

I can’t forget to mention few people who really wanted to donate blood but doctors refused them because they had donated blood in last 2-3 months

  • Farman Ahmed
  • Major Faisal

Again, many thanks for helping to boost the blood supply for Thalassemic Patients

Salman Mehmood

Pakistan may enforce mandatory Thalassemia, Hepatitis, HIV tests before marriage


express news
tests before marriage
Original source: Express News

Thalassemia – A Documentary

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ZD YouTube FLV Player

“This is an edited version of a documentary I produced last month for a local non-profit foundation called the Omair-Sana Welfare Foundation They deal in the treatment of Thallassaemia”

– Originaly Uploaded by Rabia Garib at:

The description given on that page is obviously wrong, we know thalassemics who have grand childrens
We have seen many married thalassemics with kids here in Karachi too

Even in the book which was published 12-13 years ago it says:

How long can a person with thalassemic major live?
People sometimes don’t like to ask this question directly, but thalassemics and their parents must often ask themselves
It is difficult to give a simple reply, because:
* It is very hard to know the answer for thalassemics who are well at present
* The disease and its implications are changing almost from day to day, because of advances in treatment

We have all seen that patients with thalassemia are living longer and longer Today it is reasonable to think that people with thalassemia major, who have been well treated from the beginning, may well live as long as people without thalassemia Only time will tell whether this prediction is right, or too optimistic

On the other hand, if we want to be pessimistic, it is true that thalassemics live with more risks than others, because of the amount of medical treatment they need all medical treatments include some risk But even so, well-treated thalassemic patient at the present day can have an excellent life-expectancy

Source: http://thalassemia.com.pk/kb/chapter2html

But it is a good video, so anyways Thanks for the great video :]


Thalassemia Video


ZD YouTube FLV Player

Click here to download [312 MB]


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Home Page Thalassemia, is a genetic blood disorder, and this website is for a Thalassemia Support Group called FAiTh, Fight Aainst Thalassemia It features all the information a thalassemic and his/her family should know From recent Thal-Events, to News, and Research Material everything is available there for free

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