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Home Page As the name suggests, AutoRepairManualCdCom was an online mart where consumers can browse through properly categorized repair manuals and buy them if they want to

Extensive database was pretty well managed and for ease of consumers/visitors it was laid out in a very easy to browse “Make -> Model -> Year” pattern

The layout or I should say the beautiful layout was provided to me by the client, it was heavily modified to suit the client’s requirement some more eye-candy was added like some javascript’s that changed the picture above Pick your car make heading depending on the link selected OR hovered

This was my first project where I used a few SEO tips and tricks like SE Friendly URL’s, Page-wise meta tags, titles and descriptions, and automagically changing of layout to text-only mode when the visitor was a SEO bot or using some Before Christ’s browser

For payment gateway and Shopping cart the client was pretty keen to pay a fortune, for approximately 1300$+ he bought Miva Merchant and Linkpoint Gateway System, Miva merchant did the integration of Linkpoint itself, Then I integrated Miva Merchant with the setup on site’s homepage

That’s about it, please click on the thumbnails to view full size image (if you feel like viewing them ie)

Home Page Shipping Page Frequently asked Questions Page Merged Car Make selection and Year selection pages

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