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Home Page HMSteelcom, an online steel trading site, where users can browse through the offers made available to them via site-admin/owner, and contact them as soon as they find something that sparks their interest

apart from that they can also subscribe themself to the site’s mailing list so that they can get periodic alerts for new available offers of their interest!

HMSteelcom is a pretty compact site, with minimal features of an actual trading site many important things were left out because they were irrevelant or unnecessary for them, but it still has alot of things that we can talk about

Lets start from the offers, offers were added in the system through a basic password-protected back-end utility, there were options to add unlimited number of offers in unlimited numbers of categories offers main page lists all the available categories with a little detail like total offer’s in that category and the latest offer in that category

Once in the category it lists all the available offers with their compact details and an option to view the full details, on the details page visitor can ofcourse view the complete details available about that particular offer, plus if he is interested in that offer he can click on contact button and fill the provided form to express his/her interest

Visitor can also subscribe to HMSteelCom’s mailing list, and to make sure that he only gets what he wants in his email he can select the categories he want to subscribe to¬†

That’s all about HMSteel, click on thumbnails to view full size images :]

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