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Home Page PakStoreCom, an online cd/dvd shop, with extremely reasonable prices (thats what they claim, not me) specializing in Indian and Pakistani CD’s or DVD’s

With PayPal this site offers its member to register and order any CD or DVD available in their stock, Membership has its own benefits like discounts, promotional offers and alerts on latest available movies

PakStoreCom offers all cd’s and dvd’s in organized categories and sub-categories layout so that visitors can find their desired movies or shows easily members can also search for their favorite movies by entering its title or artist name(s)

Once the member finds his favorite movie he can add it to cart and search for more or he can safely checkout right there after checkout member can visit the site again at anytime and login to check his order status and to pay the ordering fees via paypal

Member’s can also keep track of all of their purchases via the handy history page which can list all orders they have made since joining or all orders made during the member’s selected dates

Products/Categories are added via a pretty comprehensive admin system, admin can add unlimited number of nested or root categories, then in categories admin can add products in them! (cool, lol), Admin can also decide which product he wants to feature on the home page OR which products are the current top 3 product

From admin panel, admin can view orders and update their status as it processes through the system

Finally admin can also manage all members, edit their profile, view their order history, give a discount percentage to any member or members, and he can also use the Newsletter tool to send all subscribed users notifications and promotional offers!

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Product Details Shopping Cart Contents Registration Page Purchase History

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