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Ez4u Homepage ez4unet, a free online bookmark manager and organizer for those who have to switch between workstations or desktop computers every now and then

For example someone who uses internet from home and office would want to keep his bookmarks synched, so he can simply export all his bookmarks from his home or work using the simple features given in every browser, and import all of them at once in just 2 clicks!

although the name says “Easy” but it was not as easy as it sounds :P, well actually the development part was easy but since I am not a designer so the very simple design part was pretty ermm painful!

It allowed it’s members to upload / create their bookmarks and organize them into categories or however they want, it also let them choose if they want them to be public or private, not only that but they can specify their username or password hints with each link if they want like if you have an account with gmailcom you can add a link with your username and password’s hint, cool right? erm no? okay ;d

Members can also use their XML feeds into any software they want for example they can use Mozilla Firefox Live Bookmark facility to see all their ez4unet‘s bookmark in Firefox Bookmark menu cool? *phew*

Well that’s not it, Members can also share links between them by using the Messages section, they can send their links to some other user on ez4u OR they can send those links to any email id they want!

Members can also customize their account by options like “Google search bar”, “Open links in new window”, “Javascript mouseover descriptions”, “Publicly visible account”, “Rss Feeds”, etc etc they can also fill their profile which will be only visible if their account is Publicly visible!

Admin have access to the stats and member’s profile, so that if a user forgets his password and email id he can reset it for him *if user remembers his email and username he can use the forget password utility him/herself*


Ez4u Homepage Ez4u Public Bookmarks Ez4u Member Account

Ez4u Account Settings Ez4u Categories Ez4u Sites

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