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Home Page Liening has never been easier or faster with the introduction of ExpressLienCom – a new online service for contractors and material suppliersNow, from the convenience of their home or office, contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers can now lien a project by simply filling out an online questionairre and paying a modest fee with any major credit card The lien is produced by ExpressLien and filed within 3 working days!

ExpressLien will be shortly expanding to other jurisdictions, but for now is only available in Louisiana

We wanted to make it as easy and quick as possible, alot of information was required from user and a long form could have easily displeased users, so we distributed the form in several small steps

User can fill those parts one by one and keep on going to the next pages, eventually they will get to the final screen where they will be able to pay for their selected services via Paypal

It was really painful because complete form was supposed to be customizable, admin could login to admin panel and select which form fields are requried and which are optional So with each field there was a query attached to see if its required or not

Apart from that many parts of Form were dependent on user selections, like user can select to upload any number of invoice documents OR create his invoice right their on that very form User could either provide his own Property Description OR he could ask ExpressLienCom to search and get property description for him for a little fees ofcourse Javascript, DHTML and CSS were used heavily to make it look perfect, excellent in usability and compact!

When a user starts filling this form a new code is generated and associated with that client and then on each page his form details are inserted or updated in the database IF the user completes his order that data is automatically removed from the database otherwise it is displayed as “Incomplete Forms” on admin panel, so that admin can see if users are finding some particular field or page of form difficult to understand or fill

After the order is submitted admins get an email that a new order has been posted, and they login to see what it requires, if its urgent or not, and if its filled correctly They will process it and update the status as it is processed, after each status change user will get Update Email from ExpressLien so he can know that his work is in under process, that mail is defined by admins

Every mail that system sends is also saved in database for legal reasons, so for example if a client claims that he didn’t got his lien, ExpressLien will be able to prove that they did completed their part of work and client’s lien was mailed to him

Admin can also customize lien document for each order from an easy to use WYSIWYG editor, He can add custom text in it and then download or print it with rest of the documents or invoices that user uploaded, or if the user selected to create a custom invoice it is also included in the lien itself

Home Page Form - Page 2 Form - Page 3

Form - Page 4 Form - Page 5 Admin Panel

Admin Panel Admin Panel - Required Fields

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