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This was not a new site for me, I had worked on it before to install a client management system but this time it was the main site that needed my services

Wolfelawcom’s design is not mine, and the development part is also not completely mine, Another developer was hired in august when I was out of contact anyways most of it is still mine Wolfelawcom is website of a group of construction lawyers situated in New Orleans – Louisiana and Seattle – Washington, they offer there services, news, articles, updates and other services via this website

Some key features of this website are:
(1) A very nicely structured News & Articles section
(2) Easily accessible and search-able FAQ’s
(3) A very easy to use admin interface from where the complete site can be managed, from news to articles, faq’s to testimonial’s, profile, practice area’s and even newsletter service

here are it’s images:
Wolfelaw Homepage Wolfelaw - Neworleans Home Wolfelaw - FAQ�s Wolfelaw - News & Articles


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