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<lameKid> Feel the rain on your skin
<lameKid> No one else can feel it for you
<lameKid> Only you can let it in
<lameKid> No one else, no one else
<Wizard> yaheeh song Head and Shoulders ke shampoo main bhi hay na?
<lameKid> lol haan, but it’s Natasha Bedingfield’s song “Unwritten”
<Wizard> Unwritten? agar unwritten hay to already ad main kaise araha hay?
<Wizard> aur tumhain kaise lyrics pata hain?
<lameKid> lamer, song ka title hay
<Wizard> oh acha acha
<StoryTeller> waise roaz shampoo naheen karna chahye
<lameKid> yeah yeah, tum to yaheeh kahoge
<StoryTeller> abay you don’t even know what I was going to say
<lameKid> aur kia kahoge? bus “baal kharab hojate hain”
<StoryTeller> nopes
<lameKid> dry hojate hain?
<StoryTeller> nopes
<lameKid> kamzoar hojate hain, girne lagte hain?
<StoryTeller> nopes
<lameKid> okay haar mani :S
<Wizard> kionke roaz shampoo karne se shampoo jaldi khatam hojata hay aur kharcha barh jata hay 😛
<StoryTeller> haha right on
* Wizard hifi’s StoryTeller
<lameKid> LAME-ERR
<Wizard> not really, we are just being memon 😛

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