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So few days ago I was listening to this new song by Ahmed Jahanzeb “Chandni Raat Main” and I really liked it
While listening to the song I just entered two words from that song “Ghazab Hogaya” in my personal message, don’t really know why but suddenly people started messaging me “kia howa? [translation: what happened?]”

I received 114 messages that night regarding my personal message, after a few first messages I started replying by saying “You read my PERSONAL message, ghazab hogaya!!”, obviously it was funny and weird for me

Why funny and weird? because I don’t remember if I ever read anyone’s display name or personal message, and I think I was expecting that most people are like me, if only few had messaged me it wouldn’t have been a surprise but 114 is a huuuuuuuuuuuge number, don’t you think?

Some people said that they asked because they were concerned if I was well and everything was right, but before that day I had “*not interested*” in my personal message, and people were asking about that as well why would *not interested* raise any alarms? ;d

Today I have *Don’t know, Don’t care* in my personal message lets see how many people ask about this one (13 already btw)

I will update this post later to include that song’s lyrics (why will I post them here? because I liked it and it’s my blog :P)

Update 1:
Click here for Lyrics of Chandni Raat Main from Album Laut Aao by Ahmed Jahanzeb


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