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Dasvidaniya (Part 2)

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For sake of those people who haven’t seen the movie yet, I have the post on next page and if you don’t want to find out most of the story in my own weird way of story-telling than trust me you don’t want to click on Read more

okay so in my last post regarding Dasvidaniya I didn’t mention about what I FELT when I saw this movie

The idea of doing everything you ever dream about or wished for before dying sounds very appealing

so from this day, I will try to list things/stuff I want to do before my number is up I am thinking about creating a separate page for this hmm

A part from that while watching the movie I was really moved by the scene where Amar tells Neha in sign language that he loved her why? because I am an introvert as well and I know how you feel when you want to say something and you can’t not only to your love interest but your family and friends as well [yes it’s easy to speak my mind when I am sitting behind this lcd/monitor] the emptiness, the sorrow, the happiness that Vinay (Amar) shows in that scene is so verbose, so complete that you can connect to it without even trying you just know that it’s something you have felt before or something that you can relate too

Scenes where Amar was shown as talking to himself was also very cool Fighting with your own thoughts is something that I have done A LOT, it’s like everything I say or do is measured I try to make everything look good sound good and not funny or dumb and because I am thinking too much I just mess everything and then I end up feeling like a goof

maybe I will write more on this topic later but for now Dasvidaniya :p


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