Random enough to be declared weird.

Dino Ali – Suno Zara


<Wizard> what is it?
<StoryTeller> it’s supposed to be a music album
<Wizard> oh so who is the singer?
<StoryTeller> Dino Ali
<Wizard> but he is not a singer
<StoryTeller> apparently — he is a pathetic one but he is
<Wizard> aah link?
<StoryTeller> You really want to listen? :S
<Wizard> yeah, why not?
<lameKid> my ears are bleeding now DAMN
<Wizard> lK why?
<lameKid> I just listened to his song on youtube DAMN
<StoryTeller> that’s what I meant wizard πŸ˜›
<Wizard> is it that bad?
<StoryTeller> err okay go listen: http://dacoolsite.com/songs/Pakistani_Pop_Albums/Dino_Ali/Suno_Zara_(2008)/

around 30 minutes later

* Wizard quit (Quit: )

later that day:

* Wizard joins #chat
<Wizard> DAMMMN
<Wizard> you ain’t going to say “told you?”
<lameKid> no, why will I say that? πŸ˜›
<lameKid> lol fine, “told you :P”
<StoryTeller> Wizard try Jimmy Attre as well πŸ˜›
<lameKid> haha Akaile kaheen na jaana zamana najuk hay πŸ˜›
<Wizard> no thanks, I have suffered enough for today

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