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Honest Pakistani’s

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Rahim Khan Khilji:

Abu Dhabi: It is not the first time Rahim Khan Khilgi, a limousine driver, had found valuables left behind by passengers “I have returned more than 18 mobile phones left behind by passengers Besides, I also got Dh14,000 on one instance and $2000 on another At all times, I have ensured that the passenger got back his/her belongings,” said Khilgi Recently, Khilgi, a Pakistani driver working for Fast Limousine, was surprised when he realised that a passenger left behind his wallet containing Dh40,000 besides credit cards, cheques and other important documents “On April 19, at midnight, a passenger from the business lounge of Etihad Airways boarded the limo After I dropped him off at Dubai Marina I stopped at a fuel station to fill up I got out of the car and as I was about to take my bag from behind I noticed a purse on the back seat,” said Khilgi

He immediately handed over the valuables to Captain Ahmad Al Merri, the police duty officer at the airport He has been working with Fast Limousine for the past three years Earning Dh2,600 on an average every month, Khilgi said he wouldn’t say that money is not important to him “Money is the most important thing these days But can it give happiness? No whereas the gratitude and happiness of a person who gets back his belongings are immeasurable

“Most people ask me why I chose to return the money, but only my wife and a friend said that I did the right thing by returning the money,” he said

Moved by the driver’s honesty, Captain Ahmad Al Merri wrote a letter to Fast Limousine’s management who in turn brought the incident to the notice of the Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) Two weeks ago, ADAC honoured Khilgi ‘for demonstrating a high sense of honesty and personal integrity while serving customers at Abu Dhabi International Airport’ Recently, Khilgi was the guest of honour at a special ceremony hosted by ADAC Operations Department to present him a cheque of Dh4,000 in recognition of his exemplary attitude

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World’s Most Conscientious Customer Completes Botched Software Purchase Over A Year Later:

I just wanted to pass along a story of a truly honest customer

The software company I work for put out a version available for download early 2007 It was a success, however for the first two months there was a small problem As soon as you purchased it, you were able to download it BEFORE your credit card was validated This led to the company getting burned until it was fixed

Back in 2007 we had a customer who tried to pay for the download in Pakistan, and then paid for it with a debit card It was the only card payment he had, and it was rejected He had no other forms of payment, and we had to write it off as a loss while he got to enjoy using his software for free Whatever, it was our web engineers’ mistake that caused it

In October 2008 a letter came in the mail with a check from a customer for the Download version Obviously this raised some questions as we could not process a download order paid by check I opened up the file with the name on it, and lo and behold, there was the guy from Pakistan who we had written off the charge for

I called him up, and it turns out that he just moved to the US and one of the first things he did when he had gotten a checking account was to send a check to us for the full amount of the software that we had written off over a year and a half prior

Honesty, and memory like that is hard to find these days I wonder if coming from another country and culture had anything to do with it

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