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[rant]I knew ke aisa hee hoga per shayad main khud bhi yaheeh chahta tha ke aisay na ho main chahta tha ke is baar main ghalat sabit hoon aur main abhi bhi chahta hoon ke meri intuitions ghalat sabit hoon

kion? kionke wohee behter hoga maire lye sab kelye per mujhay naheen lagta ke main ghalat sabit honga

it will be very difficult but not impossible, but everyone of us would say after a few months “only if it hasn’t happened, only if it was avoidable” but today’s fact is it’s not avoidable it cannot be ignored

I so wish that this is solved in a nice and comfortable manner but it’s hard to see how

I thought if he was alive today he would’ve managed this without any problems this makes me feel more bad about this situation I can’t manage it myself I can’t control, I can’t confront I have never been bothered by the “weak” feel that comes from inside whenever I have to see such issue but this might be the first issue that I have to manage myself and this weakening is unbearable[/rant]

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