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User 1: I’ve never had a reason to be concerned about click fraud on my site and I’ve been in the AdSense program since it began four years ago
User 2: I’ve been driving a car for 30 years and never been in a head-on collision Apparently, all this talk about air bags is a load of hooey 🙂

Gola Ganda

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<StoryTeller> Did you guys hear?
<lameKid> ST, when will you learn? we are thousands mile apart, and we are on text-based IRC we can’t hear what you are hearing right now
<StoryTeller> abay gadhay
<lameKid> badtameezi na karo, bhabhi ko email kardene hain tumhare logs
<Wizard> gola ganda anyone?
<StoryTeller> what’s a gola ganda?
<lameKid> you don’t know gola ganda?
<StoryTeller> no
<Wizard> pehle aik gandi dandi lo
<Wizard> uspe baraf ka gola bana ke lagao
<Wizard> phir sachrine wali teen chaar sharbatain dalo usper
<Wizard> aur aakhir main woh yellow wali thick see cheez
<lameKid> err I just lost my apetite
<lameKid> comelle :@
<Wizard> kia comelle?
<lameKid> that yellow wali thick see cheez is called Comelle!! err brb
<Wizard> what what did I say?
<StoryTeller> well not much, but that description is surely enough to convince people
<Wizard> convince about what?
<lameKid> that you are a WEIRDO!
<StoryTeller> yaheeh ke tum weirdo ho
<lameKid> jinxed! lol
<StoryTeller> stop watching disney tv lamer :p


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SK DevelopersHello & Welcome to my blog,

Please note that I will only be posting news & updates about my clients and projects OR some random stuff collected from net so those who are here just to find out more about me are requested to not to waste there more time :p

I will start posting about my current/past projects/sites soon hang in there,