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luck is with me these days


Hi 🙂

well, earlier this week I won Reboot! yay: more info on @jehan_ara ‘s blog: http://jehanara.wordpress.com/2009/09/14/here-come-the-winners-of-the-reboot-competition/

I am wondering if I have to contact Imran Zia the distributor or I can get it when we go to meet the author (Jawwad Ahmed Farid)

and then two days ago I asked my boss if instead of being online for work from 7:00 PM to 10:00 AM we could reduce work hours to 8-10 hours per day and he agreed!! now I work from 11:00 PM to 10:00 AM

not bad, right?



Thalassemia – A Documentary

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“This is an edited version of a documentary I produced last month for a local non-profit foundation called the Omair-Sana Welfare Foundation They deal in the treatment of Thallassaemia”

– Originaly Uploaded by Rabia Garib at:

The description given on that page is obviously wrong, we know thalassemics who have grand childrens
We have seen many married thalassemics with kids here in Karachi too

Even in the book which was published 12-13 years ago it says:

How long can a person with thalassemic major live?
People sometimes don’t like to ask this question directly, but thalassemics and their parents must often ask themselves
It is difficult to give a simple reply, because:
* It is very hard to know the answer for thalassemics who are well at present
* The disease and its implications are changing almost from day to day, because of advances in treatment

We have all seen that patients with thalassemia are living longer and longer Today it is reasonable to think that people with thalassemia major, who have been well treated from the beginning, may well live as long as people without thalassemia Only time will tell whether this prediction is right, or too optimistic

On the other hand, if we want to be pessimistic, it is true that thalassemics live with more risks than others, because of the amount of medical treatment they need all medical treatments include some risk But even so, well-treated thalassemic patient at the present day can have an excellent life-expectancy

Source: http://thalassemia.com.pk/kb/chapter2html

But it is a good video, so anyways Thanks for the great video :]