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Google Chrome Super Cool Experiments


When Google Chrome launched last September, it included a powerful JavaScript engine, V8, which was built to make the next generation of web applications perform faster in the browser In the past few months, we’ve reached out to more than a dozen developers and designers to experiment with V8 and to find new and fun uses for JavaScript We worked with REAS, Mr Doob, Ryan Alexander, Josh Nimoy, Mark Mahoney, and Toxi, among others

The results of their experimentation have been great, with each project turning the browser window into an interactive application, a game, or even a piece of art Whether you’re a casual web surfer or an advanced JavaScript developer, we think you’ll appreciate what they’ve achieved

Here’s a preview of what they have built:

Take a look for yourself at Chrome Experiments Although you don’t need Google Chrome to view the site, some of the experiments may run slower, or incorrectly, in older browsers To download Google Chrome, click here

Naturally, we’re looking for more experiments We will update the site regularly and promote the best projects as Featured Experiments So, if you have an idea for a web browser experiment, please build it, make it sparkle, and submit it

We’ll be highlighting more experiments and holding sessions on Google Chrome at Google I/O on May 27 – 28 in San Francisco

Source: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/03/chrome-experiments-are-here.html