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WWE: 8 Finishers in 1 minute 32 seconds

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Undertaker, Booker T, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam (RVD), Kane, Shane McMahon, Big Show, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin

Chokeslam Undertaker TO Stone Cold Steve Austin
Angle Slam
Kurt Angle TO Undertaker
5 star frog splash
Rob Van Dam TO Chris Jericho
Kane TO Rob Van Dam
Chair Punch
Big Show TO Shane McMahon
Angle Slam
Kurt Angle TO Big Show
Rock Bottom
The Rock TO Kurt Angle
Stone Cold Stunner    – Stone Cold Steve Austin TO The Rock

Cheap Shot Shane McMahon TO KaneRoundhouse Kick +
Bulldog + Lionsault   –
Chris Jericho TO Booker T
Thrust kick Booker T TO Undertaker

Other Appearences:
Vince McMahon

Music / Song:
I Don’t Wanna Stop – Ozzy Osbourne (From the album Black Rain)