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Majeed Bhai

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I didn’t mention about Majeed Bhai in my previous posts because he deserved his own post
We know Majeed bhai from several years, we met at IRC, but we met him for real in Lahore, he became our host there 🙂

We had wonderrful time there thanks to Majeed Bhai, He picked us from Lahore airport at 3:00 AM (he was waiting from 1 hour!! and it was cold well for normal people I was actually loving the weather) and left us at the hotel room he booked for us, then he picked us in morning after breakfast and left at Elite Hotel, Lahore where we met YLap gang From there we went to Ali Auditorium and returned to Elite hotel at 10:30 PM from where Majeed bhai picked us again and after dinner he dropped us at Lahore Airport on 2:00 AM thanks to him the whole day was GREEAATT

Thanks Majeed bhai 🙂

btw, some people messaged me saying ke bataya kion naheen lahore aaye thay to to bhai ham wahan baray tight schedule per aye thay islye batana fazool tha kabhi fursat se ayenge to sab se milenge 🙂


For a friend who just took yet another facebook quiz ;d

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Kahan Aake Rukay They Raaste, Kahan Moar Tha, Usse Bhool Jaa,
Woh Jo Mil Gaya Usse Yaad Rakh, Jo Nahi Mila Usse Bhool Jaa,

Woh Tere Naseeb Ki Baarishein Kisi Aur Chhat Pe Baras Gayeen,
Aye Be Khabar Meri Baat Sun, Usse Bhool Jaa, Usse Bhool Jaa,

Jo Bisaat-E-Jaan Hi Ulat Gaya, Woh Jo Raste Mein Palat Gaya,
Usse Rokne Se Haasil Kya, Use Mat Bula Usse Bhool Jaa