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For a friend who just took yet another facebook quiz ;d

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Kahan Aake Rukay They Raaste, Kahan Moar Tha, Usse Bhool Jaa,
Woh Jo Mil Gaya Usse Yaad Rakh, Jo Nahi Mila Usse Bhool Jaa,

Woh Tere Naseeb Ki Baarishein Kisi Aur Chhat Pe Baras Gayeen,
Aye Be Khabar Meri Baat Sun, Usse Bhool Jaa, Usse Bhool Jaa,

Jo Bisaat-E-Jaan Hi Ulat Gaya, Woh Jo Raste Mein Palat Gaya,
Usse Rokne Se Haasil Kya, Use Mat Bula Usse Bhool Jaa

I am Helvetica, What font are you?

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You are Helvetica

You’re like an industry standard Classic Reliable Okay, maybe a bit boring But you don’t let the haters get you down — after all, you’ve still got plenty of friends who think you’re the best

Got the link from
Hinstance blog (who got the link from Saadat’s blog)

I am not sure if the description or font fits me ;d but it sure sounds nice just like all those horoscopes about Cancerians being so nice, sweet and sensitive 😀