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Dasvidaniya (2008)

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dasvidaniya-poster I don’t really like to write about movies etc especially if what I am going to write would look something like a review
But this movie is definitely an exception to that it’s so good that not writing about it would be unfair!

So I watched this movie few nights ago, my expectations were high because of Vinay Pathak (and Rajat Kapoor), they are really brilliant actors The duo Vinay and Rajat has done a real good job with there previous flick Bheja Fry as well, but this one topped it and topped my very high expectations as well

It’s a movie that will make you smile, giggle, laugh, and yes you definitely will get tears and make you cry as well it’s a very touching movie and it’s something that you can relate too

Concept is not like totally new but the way they have told the story is marvelous, acting was superb, Vinay Pathak and other characters fitting into there characters so well that it was BELIEVEABLE (or unbelieveable?), Music was out of this world, Kelash Kher outdone himself with “Alvida” and “Maa”, Sonu Nigham also shined with the song “Muskura”

So it’s like a perfect combination, great story, great actors, great music anyone reading this SHOULD go to see this movie before someone tells them the story and ruins it all 😛

You guys can listen to the songs from my media player on the right, click here
Or you can download them from DaCoolSite, click here

Oh and do let me know if you like/liked this movie or songs as well, till then Dasvidaniya 🙂