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Crime Credit

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<Wizard> I met a guy who was jailed in US for 18 years
<lameKid> woah what did he do?
<Wizard> Nothing :d
<lameKid> huh?
<Wizard> yeah nothing, he was innocent and he was released after his innocence was proved
<lameKid> but he lost 18 years!!
<Wizard> that’s what I said, I asked him what are you going to do now
<Wizard> he said nothing
<Wizard> I’m like huh! let me tell you this if I do 18 years in jail for something I didn’t do
<Wizard> when I get out I am going to do something!
<Wizard> that’s 18 years credit
<Wizard> I have already done the time now it’s time to do the crime
<Wizard> I gotta crime credit card, I am gonna go commit crime and swipe *zoop*
<Wizard> Give me your money old lady *zoop* that’s right I am not wearing a mask
<Wizard> tell them it was me the credit card bandit
<Wizard> I’ll be back in court next day the judge will say
<Wizard> “it says here you robbed an old lady, that’s 4 year”
<Wizard> I say yeah that’s 4 year just take them off my card, now I got 14 left
<Wizard> now hurry I have a lot more stuff to do banks to rob, whores to pimp, crack to sell
<Wizard> I told you I didn’t did anything in the first place
<Wizard> you know what *bam* here 1 year for hitting an officer on duty, *zoop*
<Wizard> and don’t let me use rest of this card up here in this court
<StoryTeller> Wizard Dude you should really cut down on caffeine
<lameKid> lol

Original joke by: Ian Edwards

For a friend who just took yet another facebook quiz ;d

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Kahan Aake Rukay They Raaste, Kahan Moar Tha, Usse Bhool Jaa,
Woh Jo Mil Gaya Usse Yaad Rakh, Jo Nahi Mila Usse Bhool Jaa,

Woh Tere Naseeb Ki Baarishein Kisi Aur Chhat Pe Baras Gayeen,
Aye Be Khabar Meri Baat Sun, Usse Bhool Jaa, Usse Bhool Jaa,

Jo Bisaat-E-Jaan Hi Ulat Gaya, Woh Jo Raste Mein Palat Gaya,
Usse Rokne Se Haasil Kya, Use Mat Bula Usse Bhool Jaa